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Re: [Mix] Sue Forder

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Dear Frank,

On the behalf of all Scandinavian Mössbauer spectroscopists I would like to express my sincere condolences to the family of Sue Forder.


Johan Lindén, Turku Finland

f.j.berry.1 AT


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It is with much sadness that I must tell you that Sue Forder died on
Sunday 17 July. Sue underwent major surgery last year and subsequent
treatment enabled her to recover and return to her research work and
enjoy life with her family. Unfortunately her health deteriorated
rapidly last week and she passed away on Sunday evening.

Sue's professional life was centred in Sheffield Hallam University.
She was an excellent teacher whose professionalism and dedication was
appreciated by the student body. Her research work in recent years has
been focused on industrial applications of Mossbauer spectroscopy and
she introduced the power of the technique to several industrial
organisations within the UK. Sue was a thoughtful and careful
experimentalist and was highly regarded by students and colleagues who
worked with her.

Sue has been the UK's representative on IBAME for several years and she
was particularly supportive of the development of ISIAME. She
coordinated the UK Mossbauer community over many years with efficiency
and effectiveness.

Sue had marvellous personal qualities. She was honest, full of
integrity, and had a great sense of humanity. Her presence within the
UK community will be greatly missed and I have today conveyed
condolences to her family on behalf of her UK and international

Professor Frank Berry
The University of Birmingham
United Kingdom

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