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RMI Elméleti Osztály Szemináriuma

Tisztelettel meghívjuk

D. B. Blaschke
(University of Wroclaw and JINR Dubna)

"Short-distance electromagnetic structure of the physical vacuum"

címmel tartandó szemináriumára.

Helye: Wigner FK RMI III.ép. Tanácsterem
Ideje: 2012. április 19. csütörtök de. 10:00 óra


Solutions of the kinetic equations are investigated which describe, on a
nonperturbative basis, the vacuum creation of quasiparticle
electron-positron pairs due to a strong laser field. The dependence
of the quasiparticle electron (positron) distribution function and the
particle number density is explored in a wide range of the laser
radiation parameters, i.e., wavelength lambda and electric field
strength E_0. Three domains are identified: the calm valley (the domain
of the vacuum polarization effects), where the residual density of the
e-e+ pairs is negligibly small, and two accumulation domains, in
which the production rate of e-e+ pairs is sharply increased and the e-e
+ pair density can reach asignificant values (the short wavelength
domain and the strong field one). In particular, the obtained
results point to a complicated short-distance electromagnetic structure
of the physical vacuum in the domain of short wavelengths. lambda <
lambda_c = hbar/m_c. For moderately strong fields E_0 < E_c = m^2/e the
accumulation regime can be realized where a plasma with a high density
of e-e+ quasiparticles can be achieved. In this domain of field
strengths and in the whole range of investigated wavelengths,
the observation of the dynamical Schwinger e ect is facilitated.

Szívesen látunk minden érdeklődőt.
Balog János

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