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fizinfo - [Fizinfo] this Friday: Florian Venn (Cambridge) on quantum error correction

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[Fizinfo] this Friday: Florian Venn (Cambridge) on quantum error correction

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  • From: Andras Palyi <palyi AT>
  • Subject: [Fizinfo] this Friday: Florian Venn (Cambridge) on quantum error correction
  • Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2020 08:22:12 +0200

Dear Colleagues,

This Friday, our research group at the BME Department of Theoretical Physics
will host the following online talk:

Speaker: Florian Venn (Cambridge)
Title: Error-correction and noise-decoherence thresholds for coherent errors
in planar-graph surface codes
Reference: <>
Time: Aug 7 Friday, 9:15
Location: online in Microsoft Teams (see link below)

Abstract: "We numerically study coherent errors in surface codes on planar
graphs, focusing on noise of the form of Z- or X-rotations of individual
qubits. We find that, similarly to the case of incoherent bit- and
phase-flips, a trade-off between resilience against coherent X- and
Z-rotations can be made via the connectivity of the graph. However, our
results indicate that, unlike in the incoherent case, the error-correction
thresholds for the various graphs do not approach a universal bound. We also
study the distribution of final states after error correction. We show that
graphs fall into three distinct classes, each resulting in qualitatively
distinct final-state distributions. In particular, we show that a graph class
exists where the logical-level noise exhibits a decoherence threshold
slightly above the error-correction threshold. In these classes, therefore,
the logical level noise above the error-correction threshold can retain
significant amount of coherence even for large-distance codes. To perform our
analysis, we develop a Majorana-fermion representation of planar-graph
surface codes and describe the characterization of logical-state storage
using fermion-linear-optics-based simulations. We thereby generalize the
approach introduced for the square lattice by Bravyi \textit{et al}. [npj
Quantum Inf. 4, 55 (2018)] to surface codes on general planar graphs."

Link to join the meeting in Teams:


Best regards,
Andras Palyi

  • [Fizinfo] this Friday: Florian Venn (Cambridge) on quantum error correction, Andras Palyi, 08/06/2020

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