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  • Date: Tue, 15 May 2012 10:08:01 +0200 (CEST)
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az MTA CSFK Csillagászati Intézete

Elõadó: Erdélyi Róbert (SP2RC, Sheffield University, UK)

Cím: Solar Magneto-Seismology: Are we close to solve one of the great
problems of modern astrophysics?

The latest satellite and ground-based observations have provided a wealth
of evidence of waves and oscillations present in the solar atmosphere. Our
understanding of the structure and dynamics of the solar atmosphere has
been considerably changed in light of the high spatial and time resolution
Hinode, SDO, etc.) allowing us to perform sub-resolution
magneto-seismology of MHD waveguides. First I will outline the recent
developments in MHD wave theory focussing on linear waves. Next, I will
concentrate on the role of Alfven waves, and will discuss the latest
status of the sometimes controversial observations of these particular,
and fundamentally important waves. Our theoretical interpretations of the
detected Alfven wave and oscillatory phenomena within the framework of MHD
will be shown. The photospheric origin and generation mechanism of these
(and other) peculiar waves is addressed numerically. We will show how MHD
(slow, fast and Alfven) waves penetrate into the chromosphere, transition
region or even into the corona. The coupling role of the magnetic field
for MHD waves and oscillations between the solar interior and atmosphere
will be addressed briefly. Finally, we conclude how solar
magneto-seismology evolved with MHD waves and how the new observational
data on waves can be used for a more accurate solar and stellar
atmospheric diagnostics, including such important aspects as e.g.
determining (i) the extent of the force free (or not!) nature of the solar
and stellar atmosphere, (ii) the geometry, (iii) fine structure, and (iv)
even the heating mechanism(s) of solar and stellar coronal plasmas.

Az elõadás idõpontja: 2012. május 17., csütörtök 14 óra

Helye: MTA CSFK CSI elõadóterme
Budapest, XII., Konkoly Thege M. út 15-17.

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