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[Fizinfo] MFA szeminarium (C. Frigeri)

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  • Subject: [Fizinfo] MFA szeminarium (C. Frigeri)
  • Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 11:50:47 +0200
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MFA Szeminárium

Cesare FRIGERI (IMEM, Parma):
Stuctural Instability of Hydrogenated
a-Si/a-Ge Multilayers Prepared by Sputtering

2009. június 24.-én, szerdán, 11:00 órakor
az MTA Műszaki Fizikai és Anyagtudományi
Kutatóintézet Tanácstermében,
KFKI 26. épület I. emelet

Abstract: Amorphous SiGe:H is now the material of choice as the low band gap absorber in multi-junction solar cells in combination with a-Si:H. It has the great advantage of a higher degree of freedom as regards the choice of the band gap as the latter one can be tailored over some range by changing the Si/Ge ratio. The a-SiGe alloy can be realized from a sequence of thin a-Si and a-Ge layers by intermixing them by heat treatments.
A critical issue of hydrogenated a-SiGe:H is its instability against thermal annealing. The lecture will present results about the structural changes induced by heat treatments in hydrogenated a-Si/a-Ge multilayers (MLs) prepared by sputtering. Whilst the not-hydrogenated MLs do not undergo any structural change upon annealing, the hydrogenated ones exhibit remarkable surface and bulk structural degradation which increases with increasing H content and/or annealing temperature and time. This is due to the formation of hydrogen bubbles in the bulk of the MLs by the gathering together of H2 molecules. The formation of the latter ones is made possible by the release of H from the its bonds to Si and Ge caused by the energy supplied by the heat treatment.

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  • [Fizinfo] MFA szeminarium (C. Frigeri), Kádár György, 06/18/2009

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