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  • Date: Tue Dec 10 16:53:01 2002
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A Budapesti Muszaki Egyetem, Fizikai Int'ezet
Elm'eleti Fizika Tansz'ek tudom'anyos

Spin Transfer in Ferromagnet-Normal Metal Systems


Arne Brataas
Department of Physics
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Id"opont: 2002. december 13.-'an 10.15 'ora

Hely : Budafoki 'ut 8 (F-'ep"ulet, III. lh., mfsz.,
Szemin'ariumi szoba

Minden 'erdekl"od"ot sz'i vesen l'atunk !

Udvardi La'szlo'


Mesoscopic ferromagnet-normal metal systems have recently attracted
considerable attention. Slonczewski and Berger proposed that a spin-
current could cause a switching of the magnetization orientation. The
idea is that the spin-current induces a torque, a "spin-torque", on the
spins of the conduction electrons, which subsequently transmit this
torque to the magnetization. We formulate a theory of spin dependent
transport of an electronic circuit involving ferromagnetic elements with
non-collinear magnetizations which is based on the conservation of spin
and charge current. The theory considerably simplifies the calculation
of the transport properties of complicated ferromagnet-normal metal
systems. We illustrate the theory by computing the spin-torque in three-
terminal systems with diffusive, tunnel and ballistic junctions. We
demonstrate that there is also a reverse mechanism: Precessing
ferromagnets are predicted to inject a spin current into adjacant
conductors. This opens the way to create a pure spin source "spin
battery" by ferromagnetic resonance. When the normal metal is a spin
sink this "pumping" of spins slows down the precession corresponding to
an enhanced Gilbert damping constant in the Landau-Lifshitz equation.
Our estimates for permalloy thin films explain the trends observed in
recent experiments.

  • [Fizinfo] Meghivo, Udvardi Laszlo, 12/10/2002

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