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mix - Re: [Mix] Apologies and Clarification

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Re: [Mix] Apologies and Clarification

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  • From: Massimo Carbucicchio <massimo.carbucicchio AT>
  • To: John G Stevens <stevensjohng AT>
  • Cc: Krish Bharuth-Ram <kbr AT>, Raquel Richardson <raquel AT>, Frans Waanders <Frans.Waanders AT>, Frank Berry <berryfjz AT>, Erno Kuzmann <kuzmann AT>, Edson Caetano Passamani <edson AT>, haraldur.p.gunnlaugsson AT, sunhui AT, Tao Zhang <taozhang AT>, JunHu Wang <wangjh AT>, lazar.karoly AT, Stanislaw.Dubiel AT, aderbal47 AT, robi AT, Michael Reissner <reissner AT>, vpopov AT, Guido Langouche <Guido.Langouche AT>, mix AT, Israel Felner <israel.felner AT>, gdzhbj AT, AT, Yutaka Yoshida <yoshida AT>, lttt AT, Lodya.Lodya AT, "Susan D. Forder" <S.D.Forder AT>, kubuki AT, magnet AT, amulaba AT, klingel AT, ksenofon AT, Jean-Marc Greneche <jean-marc.greneche AT>, Jean-Claude Jumas <jumas AT>, lippens AT, jakub.navarik AT, Libor Machala <libor.machala AT>, Denes Lajos Nagy <nagy.denes AT>, Deena.Naidoo AT, Gerrard.Peter AT, Hilary.Masenda AT
  • Subject: Re: [Mix] Apologies and Clarification
  • Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2016 13:15:17 +0200
  • Organization: Università di Parma

Greetings John and Colleagues

As many of us, I am very sad looking at a so incredible failure of an ISIAME meeting. The aim of my idea was to try to save the conference. I understand that this is probably an impossible task and that the John’ proposal is probably the only one that have some possibilities. I will be in Cape Town and will do my best for contributing to the success of the forum on the future of the industrial applications of MS.


Il 30/06/2016 16.13, John G Stevens ha scritto:
Greetings Massimo and Colleagues,

The progress being made towards an ISIAME/IFIAME in Cape Town is most encouraging. This has come about, in a large part by the various individuals determined for there to be a productive and engaging event.

We need to have a most serious discussion on both the future of industrial applications of the Mössbauer Effect and the future of ISIAME. We need a better understanding of the reality of industrial applications and what makes the best sense for the future in terms of what ISIAME can and should be its focus. This is the reason for proposing in addition to the presentations of our research (and modified social program), to also engage ourselves as what is reasonable and strategic for the future, thus the proposed half-day Forum. I view this as essential. There is a future for ISIAME, but we need to understand the realities and even more important, the possibilities we have.

Also to be noted and address in all of this, is the interest of the Czech Mössbauer Community to organize a future ISIAME. They had expressed this four years ago in Dalian and now have agreed to providing a proposal for ISIAME 2018. The combination of their interest and their capability and the location, along with a successful forum proposed for Cape Town would benefit our Mössbauer community greatly.

Let’s keep moving forward with this challenge.



On Jun 30, 2016, at 4:22 AM, Massimo Carbucicchio <massimo.carbucicchio AT <mailto:massimo.carbucicchio AT>> wrote:

Dear Colleagues

I can only now participate to the discussion following the shocking announcement of Frans.

First of all, I would like to thank John and Krish for theirproposals for overcoming thedifficulties concerning ISIAME 2016. Many thanks also to Raquel that made a very valuable effort, for reducing the duration of the conference and for having evaluated the possible participation fees.

However, concerning the John’s proposal of constitute an IFIAME, I admit to have some doubts.

The main problem of ISIAME in Cape Town is the number of participants that, contrary to what Frans had foreseen, is very low. Well, but if a researcher is not willing or has not supports for attending the ISIAME, he will not have also the possibility to attend the Forum. Moreover, itsInstitution and/or supporters reasonably should prefer that he attend a well-established meeting with a good tradition, instead of a meeting improvised at the last minute.

In effect, probably, the best solution is to reduce,exceptionally, the duration of ISIAME 2016 to three days.From this point of view the programme proposed by Raquel seems to me satisfactory.

I completely agree with John concerning the oral presentation from the participants. ISIAME is a Symposium and, contrary to what happens in a conference where the time for presenting the results is normally very short, a large time should allow a good exchange of information. The fact that the number of participants is low can represent an excellent occasion for having large friendly discussions, and for deepening the obtained results.

The low participation to ISIAME 2016 is partially attributable to the low involvement, to the difficulties to enter the conference site reported in the first flyer, corrected and changed only in the middle of April, the absence of proposals of lower cost alternative accommodations. However, we have also to consider the current difficulties and the fact that many groups, which were some years ago highly active in MS, at present have changed their interest. This is what occurred for example in Italy, butI am feeling that a similar situation occurs also in many other Countries. During the conference we will have to discuss on this aspect and propose ideas for overcoming this situation which only involve “old Moessbauerists” and a low number of young researchers which are generally more attracted by new techniques and are highly stimulated to publish on journals with high impact factor. By the way this would avoid that in the next ISIAME,a similar problem occur and we discover that the number of participants is very low.

Kind regards

Il 29/06/2016 17.57, Krish Bharuth-Ram ha scritto:

Dear All

I have just had a telephonic discussion with Dr Carlos Pineda head of the Materials Research Division at iThemba LABS.

He has confirmed

i) iThemba LABs as a venue for the Welcome Barbecue/Braai on Sunday 4th September - at iThemba LABS. Naomi who heads the conference desk at iThemba LABs will source the transport to get delegates to iThemba LABsa nd back to their hotel once we have info on the hotel. Costs for the Reception and the transport will be covered by funds that I can access.

ii) The Director has agreed to make the auditorium available to us for the period 4-8 September - so we have this fall back position at no cost.

If other hotels in the City Bowl are too expensive, Raquel may try the Lord Charles near the entrance to Somerset West and close to iThemba LABS.
(Followers of our political history may remember the Lord Charles - it was the hotel to which Nelson Mandela went before making his historic speech on his release after 27 years of imprisonment.)

However for other social activities, especially for accompanying persons, a hotel as Raquel has suggested near the city centre may be better.

My best regards


On 2016/06/29 05:37 PM, Raquel Richardson wrote:
Hello John, Frans, Krish and team
I apologise for the delay, I had to unfortunately wait for the venues to respond in writing with availability.
I’ve looked at the costs and we can do the following programme for the following costs (based on 30 x delegates attending)
Full Registration EUR 260 per person
MEDC Affiliated EUR 230 per person
Student / Retired EUR 210 per person
Accompanying Person EUR 150 per person
*_Programme Outline_*
*_4^th August_*
Welcome cocktail function at iThemba LABS (Venue, food and beverages needs to be confirmed by Krish) - Transfers to and from hotel included
*_5^th August_*
Full day session with morning and afternoon tea breaks, lunch and a beverage at lunch.*__*
*_6^th August_*
Full day tour of highlights of Cape Town. HIGHLIGHTS: The Peninsula; Clifton & Camps Bay, Twelve Apostles Mountain Range, Llandudno, Hout Bay, Chapman’s Peak Drive, Noordhoek, Ostrich viewing, Cape Point, Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, Penguin colony (optional), Simons Town, Kalk Bay, Muizenberg, False Bay. The Wine Route; Stellenbosch orientation, Wine tasting, Cellar Tour, Opportunity to purchase wine and Cheese-tasting. Includes guide, two bottles of water and entrance fees. Excludes lunch and entrance fee to Penguin Colony.
*_7^th August_*
Full day session with morning and afternoon tea breaks, lunch and a beverage at lunch.
*_8^th August_*
Half day session with morning tea breaks, lunch and a beverage at lunch.*__*
Please confirm that you are happy for me to go ahead and update the above on the website? I have looked at a venue in Cape Town City Bowl (town), as this will allow more opportunities for various types of accommodation. The venue itself has accommodation, however if it’s too expensive, there are several options located within 2 blocks of the venue. The average cost in the area is EUR 78 per room (single)
Kind regards
Raquel Richardson
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*From:*John G Stevens
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*Subject:*Apologies and Clarification
*Apologies*: 45 minutes preceding my email below, as I began to write this email, my computer decided to send you an email that was in error.
*Clarification*: A the end of the paragraph under “Forum” the wording should be “...involved with organizing ISIAME*2018*.” NOT “involved with organizing ISIAME*2016*.”

On Jun 28, 2016, at 12:56 AM, John G Stevens

<stevensjohng AT

<mailto:stevensjohng AT>>
Greetings Colleagues,
Clearly we have a major challenge confronting us in which we
need to be much more congenial in order to be able to reach a
solution that is in the best interest of our Mössbauer
Community and assist all those (organizers and participants)
who have invested in ISIAME. Based on the emails we have all
been receiving and other emails, I suggest the following as a
way we may be able to proceed:
*_1. Forum. _*
This is not a conference, but it is a symposium. Let’s go one
step further and have the event this September in Cape Town be
the International Forum on the Applications of the Mössbauer
Effect (IFIAME). The forum would be a*three day event and
would have 20 participants*(maybe as many as 30). The agenda of
the Forum would be to have (1) *scientific oral
presentations*(no posters) [1 1/2 days], (2) *simple social
event*s [up to 1 day], and an (3) *open forum*[half day]. The
agenda of the open forum would be the state of industrial
applications of the Mössbauer Effect and planning for the next
ISIAME to be in 2018 and hosted the the Czech group (future
ISIAMEs would be every four years after 2018 (2022, 2026…). It
is most important that there be representatives at the forum
who would be involved with organizing ISIAME 2016.
*_2. Leadership._*
*Scientific Presentations*- Frans Waanders and Krish Bharuth
*Forum*- Missino Carbucicchio assisted by members of the ISIAME
Scientific Executive Committee
*Accommodations*- Frans Waanders and Raquel Richardson (this is
housing and meeting space)
*_3. Finances._*
Reduce and simplify the Registration as a single fee - EUR 250
All meals to be paid by participants
Housing - we were quoted EUR 76 per night / online today at
the Lagoon Beach Hotel the posted cost for single is EUR 86 /
using KAYAK the cost is EUR 66. These prices include fees,
taxes and service charges. Whatever the actual cost, these
numbers seem reasonable at the Lagoon Beach Hotel. I am
assuming there would be a meeting room there, or nearby that
can accommodate 20-30 people.
There are a lot of details to contend with, but they are
manageable. Others of you I know will have further suggestions
to make this work. As stated in my first paragraph -*/solution
that is in the best interest of our Mössbauer Community and
assist all those (organizers and participants) who have
invested in ISIAME./*
Hope this might be helpful.


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Prof. Dr. Massimo Carbucicchio
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Via Branze, 45 - 25123 Brescia, Italy
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