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mix - Re: [Mix] Apologies and Clarification

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Re: [Mix] Apologies and Clarification

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  • Subject: Re: [Mix] Apologies and Clarification
  • Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2016 08:51:22 +0200

Thanks John - now the positive contributions help us getting forward and
I support the ideaI will from tonight be in the field without internet
for a couple of days but thanks to the helpBefore I left for Namibia I
have gone through all the abstracts which were fine but some were put up
as posters - can the aothors confirm them to be orals?When back at home
next week I will indicate where gaps are and those people that still
want to attend and send abstracts- thanks in advance and please let
Raquel via the web knowRaquel will look into a possible venue and I will
contact her this afternoon before I leave again for my student
projectThanks allFrans

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Subject: [Mix]
Apologies and Clarification
Apologies: 45 minutes preceding my email below, as I began to write this
email, my computer decided to send you an email that was in error.
Clarification: A the end of the paragraph under “Forum” the wording
should be “...involved with organizing ISIAME 2018.” NOT “involved with
organizing ISIAME 2016.”

On Jun 28, 2016, at 12:56 AM, John G Stevens
<stevensjohng AT>
Greetings Colleagues,
Clearly we have a major challenge confronting us in which we need to be
much more congenial in order to be able to reach a solution that is in
the best interest of our Mössbauer Community and assist all those
(organizers and participants) who have invested in ISIAME. Based on the
emails we have all been receiving and other emails, I suggest the
following as a way we may be able to proceed:
1. Forum. This is not a conference, but it is a symposium. Let’s go one
step further and have the event this September in Cape Town be the
International Forum on the Applications of the Mössbauer Effect
(IFIAME). The forum would be a three day event and would have 20
participants (maybe as many as 30). The agenda of the Forum would be to
have (1) scientific oral presentations (no posters) [1 1/2 days], (2)
simple social events [up to 1 day], and an (3) open forum [half day].
The agenda of the open forum would be the state of industrial
applications of the Mössbauer Effect and planning for the next ISIAME to
be in 2018 and hosted the the Czech group (future ISIAMEs would be every
four years after 2018 (2022, 2026…). It is most important that there be
representatives at the forum who would be involved with organizing
ISIAME 2016.
2. Leadership. Scientific Presentations - Frans Waanders and Krish
Bharuth Forum - Missino Carbucicchio assisted by members of the
ISIAME Scientific Executive Committee Accommodations - Frans
Waanders and Raquel Richardson (this is housing and meeting space)
3. Finances. Reduce and simplify the Registration as a single fee
- EUR 250 All meals to be paid by participants Housing - we
were quoted EUR 76 per night / online today at the Lagoon Beach Hotel
the posted cost for single is EUR 86 / using KAYAK the cost is EUR 66.
These prices include fees, taxes and service charges. Whatever the
actual cost, these numbers seem reasonable at the Lagoon Beach Hotel. I
am assuming there would be a meeting room there, or nearby that can
accommodate 20-30 people.
There are a lot of details to contend with, but they are manageable.
Others of you I know will have further suggestions to make this work.
As stated in my first paragraph - solution that is in the best interest
of our Mössbauer Community and assist all those (organizers and
participants) who have invested in ISIAME.
Hope this might be helpful.

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