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Subject: Discussion journal of the Mössbauer Community

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Re: [Mix] A note for the MIX list

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  • From: "Krzysztof Szymanski" <kszym AT>
  • Subject: Re: [Mix] A note for the MIX list
  • Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2011 11:20:52 +0100
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Dear Users of the Moessbauer sources,

Recently we have also very bad experience with the 57Co sources.

We have ordered the source via Polish company Biker on April 06 2010.
We (and Biker) did a lot of correspondence with producers and with Russian
exporters (Ritverc, JSC ISOTOPE).
Finally, after seven months, contract between Biker and Russian side was
cancelled because of technical reasons which were not specified in details.
The pre-payment for the source was returned to Biker.

After half a year we did another order via POLATOM, Poland. Proucer was
CYCLOTRON Obninsk. Seller was JSC ISOTOPE. We have received quickly 57Co
sources of good quality.

dr hab. Krzysztof R. Szymanski
University of Bialystok
Faculty of Physics
Lipowa 41 street
tel: 48 85 7457221
fax: 48 85 6457223

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Sent: Tuesday, February 15, 2011 10:30 AM
Subject: [Mix] A note for the MIX list

| M I X - B U L L E T I N |
| News and views within the Mossbauer Community |
| Authors bear full responsibility for their contributions |


I wish to share with my fellow Mossbauer spectrocopists who are interested
in observing the resonance in 119m Sn spectra information relating to the
acute shortage of suitable sources for such experiments.

As many of you are aware, at present time the only supplier of such sources
is Cyclotron Instruments , Sattlerweg 11c, 55128 Mainz, Germany. This
supplier collaborates with the "V.G.Khlopin Radium Institute" of St.
Petersburg, 194021, Russia, who certify the quality of the sources ordered.

I ordered a 10 mCi source in February 2010 and after numerous delays, was
sent a source in June 2010. This source, however, did not meet
specifications, in that is gives rise to anomalously broad lines and very
small resonance effects, due to the presence of parasitic gamma rays. For
example, with an absorber thickness of 3 mgm of natural Sn, the line width
(FWHM) is 1.0 mm/sec compared to the expected value of ~ 0.78-0.81 mm/sec.

I have corresponded repeatedly with Prof. Igor Alekseev who is ultimately
responsible for the preparation of these sources. Prof. Alekseev, after
numerous attempts to prepare a suitable source has informed me that at the
present time he is not able to send me a replacement source for the defective
one shipped last June.

At the suggestion of Prof. Alekseev, I add the following information
provided to me by him:

a) last production of tin-119m in Khlopin Radium Institute has been
completed in November, 2008;

b) today cost of production of tin-119m with specific activity on the EOB 1
Ci/g (for one irradiation it is possible to receive about 2-3 Ci tin-119m) in
Institute of Nuclear Reactors of Dimitrovgrad is about 50 thousand euro.
Unfortunately, I cannot tell nothing to you about plans of a management of
Khlopin Radium Institute and its financial opportunities since I am the
professor of Department of Radiochemistry of the St.Petersburg State
University, and in Khlopin Radium Institute (since December, 2009) carry out
single contracts (connected with manufacturing of Mossbauer 57Со sources).

My reason for writing this short note is to alert potential 119mSn
Mossbauer source users of a critical shortage in obtaining such sources for
research. Perhaps encouraging another supplier to undertake the preparation
of such sources may be useful.


Prof. R. H. Herber,
Condensed Matter Physics Group,
Racah Institute of Physics,
The Hebrew University,
91904 Jerusalem, Israel,
Tel: 972 2 6584244
Fax: 972 2 6586347

Prof. R. H. Herber,
Condensed Matter Physics Group,
Racah Institute of Physics,
The Hebrew University,
91904 Jerusalem, Israel,
Tel: 972 2 6584244
Fax: 972 2 6586347


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