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fizinfo - [Fizinfo] Emlékeztető/Reminder: Ortvay kollokvium/Ortvay colloquium, 27.04.2023 ma/today

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[Fizinfo] Emlékeztető/Reminder: Ortvay kollokvium/Ortvay colloquium, 27.04.2023 ma/today

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  • Subject: [Fizinfo] Emlékeztető/Reminder: Ortvay kollokvium/Ortvay colloquium, 27.04.2023 ma/today
  • Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2023 07:18:48 +0000
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ELTE TTK Fizikai Intézet / ELTE Institute of Physics


Thursday, 27th April 2023, 15:00h.

Pócza Jenő Classroom, Physics Building 1.71

Pázmány Péter sétány 1/A, 1117 Budapest.

Vyacheslav Lukin

National Science Foundation, US

The magnetism of the solar surface
The highly dynamic and constantly evolving surface of our nearest star, the
Sun, is threaded by magnetic fields that emerge, self-organize into
large-scale structures, and occasionally erupt producing solar flares and
coronal mass ejections. These magnetic fields permeate the plasma of the
solar atmosphere that varies from cold, dense, weakly ionized plasma of the
chromosphere just above the solar surface to the hot and tenuous plasma of
the solar corona. Throughout, magnetic field structures embedded in the
plasma undergo cycles of energy accumulation driven by convective motions
below, inevitably followed by magnetic energy release into plasma flows,
heating, radiation, and high energy particle acceleration. A process that
often underlies both the large-scale magnetic structure formation and the
magnetic energy release is magnetic reconnection, the process associated with
changes in magnetic topology within the electrically conducting plasma
medium. We discuss the known and the unknown in magnetic reconnection
research in the solar atmosphere and other contexts, and zoom into properties
of magnetic substructures undergoing magnetic reconnection in partially
ionized plasmas of the lower solar atmosphere.

The seminar can also be followed via Microsoft Teams:

Please make sure that you switch off your webcam before joining the meeting!

Andor Kormányos

  • [Fizinfo] Emlékeztető/Reminder: Ortvay kollokvium/Ortvay colloquium, 27.04.2023 ma/today, Kormányos Andor, 04/27/2023

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