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fizinfo - [Fizinfo] Monday 14:15: Ananda Roy on sine-Gordon and quantum circuits

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[Fizinfo] Monday 14:15: Ananda Roy on sine-Gordon and quantum circuits

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  • From: Andras Palyi <palyi AT>
  • Subject: [Fizinfo] Monday 14:15: Ananda Roy on sine-Gordon and quantum circuits
  • Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2020 17:26:41 +0100

Dear Colleagues,

Next Monday the BME Exotic Quantum Phases seminar continues with this talk:

Speaker: Ananda Roy (TU Munich)
Title: "The quantum sine-Gordon model with quantum circuits"
Abstract: see below
Reference: The quantum sine-Gordon model with quantum circuits, Ananda Roy,
Dirk Schuricht, Johannes Hauschild, Frank Pollmann, Hubert Saleur, <>
Time: Nov 2, Monday, 14:15
Location: online in Teams

About the speaker: Ananda is a theoretical physicist with a broad expertise,
including superconducting circuits, topological quantum computing, and
quantum field theory. After studying physics in Kanpur and applied physics at
Yale, Ananda obtained his PhD from Yale, supervised by Michel Devoret and A.
Douglas Stone. He held postdoc positions at RWTH Aachen with Barbara Terhal
and David DiVincenzo, and at CEA Saclay with Hubert Saleur, before joining
the group of Frank Pollmann at TU Munich.

Link to join the Teams meeting:

Best regards,
Andras Palyi

= = =
Abstract: "Analog quantum simulation has the potential to be an indispensable
technique in the investigation of complex quantum systems. In this work, we
numerically investigate a one-dimensional, faithful, analog, quantum
electronic circuit simulator built out of Josephson junctions for one of the
paradigmatic models of an integrable quantum field theory: the quantum
sine-Gordon (qSG) model in 1+1 space-time dimensions. We analyze the lattice
model using the density matrix renormalization group technique and benchmark
our numerical results with existing Bethe ansatz computations. Furthermore,
we perform analytical form-factor calculations for the two-point correlation
function of vertex operators, which closely agree with our numerical
computations. Finally, we compute the entanglement spectrum of the qSG model.
We compare our results with those obtained using the integrable
lattice-regularization based on the quantum XYZ chain and show that the
quantum circuit model is less susceptible to corrections to scaling compared
to the XYZ chain. We provide numerical evidence that the parameters required
to realize the qSG model are accessible with modern-day superconducting
circuit technology, thus providing additional credence towards the viability
of the latter platform for simulating strongly interacting quantum field

  • [Fizinfo] Monday 14:15: Ananda Roy on sine-Gordon and quantum circuits, Andras Palyi, 10/29/2020

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