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  • From: Sandor Zoletnik <zoletnik.sandor AT>
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  • Cc: Kadlecsik József <kadlecsik.jozsef AT>
  • Subject: [Fizinfo] Fwd: Notice to Zoletnik Sandor
  • Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2015 12:42:52 +0100
  • Organization: Wigner Research Centre for Physics

Kedves Kollégák, Kedves Fekete Gábor!

Megtisztelő, hogy a világ sok jelentős tudósa után én is megkaptam az alábbi levelet. Bár látható, hogy az email serverről érkezett, tehát nyilván semmi köze a Nobel bizottsághoz, mégis jelentős eredmény, hogy a címzettek ilusztris csapatába másodszor is bekerültem. Tekintve hogy harmadszon nem szeretnék, ezért jó lenne ezt a szervert feltenni valami globális spam listára.


Zolentik Sándor

-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: Notice to Zoletnik Sandor
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2015 09:36:14 +0000
From: Prof. Cecilia Jarlskog
<cecilia.jarlskog AT>
Reply-To: Prof. Cecilia Jarlskog
<cecilia.jarlskog AT>
To: Zoletnik Sandor
<zoletnik.sandor AT>

Dear Dr. Zoletnik Sandor,
I apologize for the Nobel Committee did not keep their word and did not
donate the Nobel Prize to Gabor Fekete.
According to justification of the Nobel Committee, Takaaki Kajita and
Arthur B. McDonald received their Nobel Prizes for the discovery of
neutrino oscillations, which shows that neutrinos have mass.
The Nobel Committee donated Nobel Prizes and 8 million swedish korona
again for the NOTHING, since yet always is unknown the numerical worth
of the frequency, impulse, kinetic energy and therefore the mass of the
neutrinos. That is not proved that the neutrinos have oscillation and
mass. If in one light-year thick layer of lead is absorbed only half of
the neutrinos, then how is it possible to detect neutrinos and the
oscillation of the neutrino? This is only a scam!
The physics Nobel Committee is already not unified. The main problem
comes from the fact that the Nobel Committee consists of conservative
pseudo-scientists in 63 percent.
The following persons tried again to defend their modern physics
pseudo-science, therefore they voted against Gabor Fekete's Nobel Prize
for his truth physics science and voted for the worthless "discovery".

Alexander N. Skrinskiy
Anders Bárány
Anders Irback
Anne L'Huillier
Bengt Nagel
Björn Jonson
Bo Lehnert
Carsten Peterson
Claes Fahlander
Claes-Göran Wahlström
Dan-Olof Riska
Denys Wilkinson
Eleanor Campbell
Gert Brodin
Gösta Ekspong
Gunnar Ingelman
Hans Ryde
Ingolf Lindau
Ingvar Lindgren
James D. Bjorken
John Magne Leinaas
Lars Bergström
Lars Brink
Lennart Stenflo
Ludwig D. Faddeev
Olga Botner
Paula Anna-Maria Eerola
Per Carlson
Peter Erman
Petter Minnhagen
Reinhold Schuch
Steven M Girvin
Stig Stenholm
Sune Svanberg
Sven-Olof Holmgren
Thors Hans Hansson
Torleif Ericson
Torsten Akesson
Ulf Danielsson
Gabor Fekete demonstrated that the modern physics is a full
pseudo-science in hundred percent degree and he described with eight
digits accuracy the electromagnetic physics of photons, X-ray-photons,
gamma-photons, muons, electrons and all atoms, thus solving all the
problems in particle and nuclear physics. He also gave a new
interpretaion for the full spectra of the hydrogen and described the
strengthening points of all photons in the hydrogen atom.
At the same time he uncovered the fraud of Joseph Incandela and his
team. Joseph Incandela and his team issued a speculative explanation.
They said that they detected 133 proton mass Higgs boson. It proved to
be a lie, because they detected only 4 muons and 2 photons. The mass of
these is altogether 0.4 proton mass. Francois Englert and Peter Higgs
received undeservedly their Nobel Prizes for fraud of the Incandela team
and their ridiculous boson theory.
The scientific significance of his work is hundred times greater than
the oscillation of neutrino.
I ask again apologize for the disappointment brought about by the above
persons and I beseech thee, do something about the downfall of modern
physics pseudo-science and its pseudo-scientists.

Best regards,
Professor Cecilia Jarlskog
The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
Member of Class for Physics
Professor of Theoretical Particle Physics
Lund University, Lund Inst of Technology
*Phone:* +46 46 222 31 51
*Mobile:* +46 706 754 798
*Fax:* +46 46 222 44 16
cecilia.jarlskog AT
Lund University, Lund Inst of Technology
Avd för Matamatisk Fysik
Box 118
SE-221 00 Lund
*PS: I'm thinking about my leaving from the Nobel Committee.*

Header picture
This is the simple structure of all photons, X-ray-photons and
On base of this simple particle model we get back with 8 numeral
exactitude 4 geometrical, 15 dynamical and 48 electrodynamical
parameters about any photon, X-ray-photon and gamma-photon particles,
with the mathematical equations of dynamics and electrodynamics.
In the reality the photons, X-ray-photons and gamma-photons have mass
and electromagnetic energy source and those are progressive movement
performer electromagnetic fields.
The wave feature of these solely at that time appears, if the
electromagnetic field of the photons, X-ray-photons and gamma-photons
interacts with the electromagnetic fields of the atoms of matter. Thus
the electromagetic waves in the reality are not waves, not spread, but
move as a particle, for this reason needless the fictitious, fabled
ether. Also in the reality the electromagnetic waves are finite,
stereoscopic stretched, independented electromagnetic fields.
The mass is generated by the electromagnetic fields, because the
electromagnetic mass always is in direct ratio to the frequency (f) of
the electromagnetic fields:
In other respects the mass originates from the vibratory motion of
positive and negative elementary charges, that is the mass is
electromagnetic feature.
Therefore the gravity is a weak interaction between electromagnetic
fields and electromagnetic fields.
The geometrical, dynamical and electrodynamical illustration of all real
The electromagnetic oscillation of photons, X-ray-photons and gamma-photons
The arising, radiation and reception of the radio band electromagnetic
The determinable electrodynamical factors of all real particles
You can to get details if you click on the data tables below.
Data table
Don't forget that now is the Year of Light 2015! You are can see the
data of a LIGHT above! Is required from you to do for it that this year
be indeed the Year of Light and not only the yEaR oF lIgHt!!
Header picture
In 1924 Louis de Broglie presented his thesis concerning the
wave-particle duality theory, which proposed the idea that all matter
displays the wave-particle duality of photons.
According to de Broglie for all matters and for radiaton alike, the
energy E of the particle was related to the frequency of its associated
wave by the Planck relation:
and that the momentum of the particle P was related to its wavelength by
what is now known as the de Broglie relation:
In 1927 at Bell Labs, Clinton Davisson and Lester Germer fired slow
moving electrons at a cristalline nickel target. The angular dependence
of the reflected electron intensity was measured and was determined to
have the same diffraction pattern as those predicted by Bragg for X-ray.
The Davisson - Germer experiment confirmed the de Broglie hypotesis that
matter has wave-like behavior. However the physicists don't care
properly with this exploration.
From hypotesis of de Broglie and confirmation of Davisson and Germer
not more than two simple mathematical calculations determinable the real
stucture of the muons, electrons and all atoms.
Since the atoms consist of electromagnetic fields and the
electromagnetic field structrue of the electrons are similar with the
electromagnetic field structure of the atoms, for this reason the atoms
not contain electrons, protons and neutrons.
In the graphene the elementary charges haven't electron mass. This is
verified by the graphene experiments. In the graphene the elementary
charges have nil mass! The carbon atoms in the graphene not contain
The binding energy of a real particle in the atoms is E = h^. f = m^.
c^2 electromagnetic binding energy.
The real mass change of all ionized atoms
mass of the atom before the ionization
mass of the ionizer photon, X-ray-photon or gamma-photon.
Always the already increased mass accelerates.
The equation of the real mass change and the reduced equation of Doppler
give the same results.
Animated equation
All alpha and beta radiations are contrary ionized atoms. Thus the
proton and the antiproton are in the reality contrary ionized hydrogen
atoms. The electron and the positron were till now fabled elementary
particles. In the reality these are contrary ionized gas atoms and these
made up of many electromagnetic fields of photons and X-ray-photons.
Known that the semiconductors above a temperature degree, energy level
conduct both elementary charges, stops the semiconductivity feature of
those. Otherwise: the atoms of the semiconductors able to get into both
ionic state. Same the situation in the case of the hydrogen and the
electron-positron. The hydrogen and the atoms of electron-positron are
also semiconductors and these able above an energy level to get into
both ionic state.
If the speed of an elementary object not equal to the speed of light,
then the elementary object is atom, which consists of many
electromagnetic fields of photons, X-ray-photons and gamma-photons.
Don't exist particles and antiparticles and from the antiparticles
antiatoms, only do exist contrary ionized atoms. Therefore don't exist
the wanted and invented antimatter, only does exist the simple matter
and the matter consists of electromagnetic fields.
The real "particles" of this world are the photon, X-ray-photon and
gamma-photon particles. Other particles don't exist.
James Chadwick's neutron is a gas molecule which with 20 minuts after
the arising decays to a positve hydrogen ion and a negative gas ion
which was known till now as electron, and it not same with the
gamma-photons which are emitted by the nucleus of the radioactive atoms.
Known that from the hydrogen so will be deuteron that the nucleus of the
hydrogen absorbs a gamma-photon. The nucleus of the hydrogen consists of
one gamma-photon. The mass of the absorbed gamma-photon is smaller than
the mass of the hydrogen's gamma-photon.
Also known that from the deuteron so will be tricium that the nucleus of
the deuteron absorbs a newer gamma-photon. The mass of the absorbed
gamma-photon is smaller than the previously absorbed gamma-photon's
mass. The nucleuses always with the absorption of a smaller mass
gamma-photon construct up. This poses the so-called mass defect.
Known that the several radioactive nucleuses emit several energy
gamma-photons. Speed of all gamma-photons is the speed of light. From
this follows that the nucleuses consist of several mass gamma-photons.
The previous two physical phenomena well show that a smaller mass
nucleus constructs up to a larger mass nucleus by absorption of the
gamma-photons. For this reason were unsuccesfull the plasma experiments
since 30 years and for this reason never will be nucleus fusion and from
it energy source. The americans, frenches, italians and russians cast
out their money over the window and waste a lot of energies for a stupid
theory, which was invented by the pseudo-scientist Albert Einstein.
Summarized: A smaller mass nucleus so will be a larger mass nucleus that
the smaller mass nucleus absorbs a gamma-photon, and a larger mass
nucleus so will be a smaller mass nucleus that the larger mass nucleus
emitts a gamma-photon.
In the hydrogen bomb of Ede Teller not happened nucleus fusion. Teller
in his bomb used plutonium, uranium, deuteron (Li^6 D) and
deuteron-tricium (DT) in 27 metric ton measure. Known that the nucleus
of the deuteron and the tricium also are instable and radioactive, like
the nucleuses of plutonium and uranium. From the nucleuses of plutonium
and uranium emitted gamma-photons break into fragments the nucleuses of
the deuteron and the tricium. While from the nucleuses of plutonium and
uranium was emitted one-one gamma-photons, till then from the nucleus of
the deuteron was emitted two and from the nucleus of tricium was emitted
three gamma-photons. Not wonder that chain reaction of the 27 metric ton
instable and radioactive matter posed the 10.000 times effect of the
20KT atomic bombs which were used at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. According
to my opinion Ede Teller very well known that his bomb works solely as
fission instead of fusion.
From collisions to get real constituent parts is impossible. All
collisions produce broken fragments and not real constituent parts. The
broken fragments also consist of electromagnetic fields like the
collider objects. Such broken fragments are the quarks, bosons and the
isotopes of the atoms. Call these with sevaral names so like to call
with several names the splinters of the glass.
Header picture
This is the structure of the Hydrogen atom's 4 ligth band photon covers
Data table

Data table

The whole numbers show it that the photons how often get into identical
oscillation phase, by the time with one another also got into identical
oscillation phase boost the electromagnetic binding of one another in
the hydrogen atom. The atoms select their photons accordingly, whereas
is it the best coherent laser beam, in which the abreast progressive
different frequency photons within a given time as much as possible
boost the electromagnetic oscillation of one another.
This explains the spectra of the atoms, that is the atoms solely such
frequency photons can to fix, which within a given time as much as
possible boost the electromagnetic oscillation of one another and by
this the cohesion and the binding in the atoms. From all these follows
that the Rydberg and the Balmer equations are only mathematical
connections between frequencies and wavelengths of the hydrogen atom's
four photons, which are misinterpreted conformity to physically totally
absurd atomic model of Bohr and quantum mechanics of Planck. After the
strengthening point 120 the strengthening points to be continued so than
1-120, but the whole number are increased in the following way: A1 =
A1+500; A2 = A2+675; A3 = A3+756; A4 = A4+800, like it is in the final
120th fourfold strengthening point.
At a chemical reaction those photons are emitted from the atoms which in
the chemical binding cannot to boost the electromagnetic oscillation of
one another.

Data table

Data table

Data table

Data table

Data table

Data table

Data table

Data table

Be advised by me! If you stand up on an university platform or take part
on a conference, then I recommend you that never more refer for the
idiot theories of the pseudo-science modern physics!

Header picture
At 4. julius 2012. Joseph Incandela (who is the manager of the CMS
experiments) reported the detection of the Higgs boson. By me this
report was too hurried and speculative.
The researchers not chance not repeat the collisions between 123GeV and
126GeV. The LHC is now stopped until two years and afterwards it shall
to operate on 14TeV. They have a presentiment that not will be another
detection and then the people shall to ask they why not happened more
detections? In hungary the people say: One swallow don't makes summer.
One Higgs boson yet not Higgs boson!
How was informed the Higgs boson that (s)he is wanted in the LHC? In
what place were the other Higgs bosons? Only one Higgs boson received
invitation for the collisions?
The fraud was well-planned. At the report of the discovery of Higgs
boson the Incandela team immediately let the air into the LHC and
stopped the experiments at 125 GeV. This was necessary that prevent the
verification of the experimental results. In 2011 the Incandela team
shutdown the Tevatron of the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory near
Batavia, also for that reason that in the Tevatron they can not be
checked the experimental results of the CERN. It has never occurred that
an experimental result had not been checked off several times!

The Higgs theory is a big stupidity. By Higgs his bosons gave the mass
to the particles at the fictitious Big Bang. If this happened in this
way, then according to the mass conservation the Higgs boson should be
massless, because the particles got the Higgs boson's mass at the "Big
Bang". This is the second proof that the detected mass not was mass of
the fictitious Higgs boson.
The third denial of the Higgs theory that the mass is not particle
feature! The mass is generated by the electromagnetic fields, because
the electromagnetic mass always is in direct ratio to the frequency (f )
of the electromagnetic fields:
Consequently what has mass it consists of electromagnetic fields.
Electrons, muons and all atoms have mass and the wave behavior of these
pose the electromagnetic oscillation of the electromagnetic fields and
the movement of these. The photons, electrons, muons and all atoms, that
is in the universe the whole matter consists of electromagnetic fields
and the mass is electromagnetic feature!
The mass and the energy always occur together, for this reason unable to
convert the one to another. From kilogramm never will be Joule and vica
versa. Einstein's theory is a "from tree the iron circle" theory. Where
is energy, there should be mass also and vica versa. Where is not mass,
there is not energy nor and vica versa.
In this world all consist of electromagnetic fields. This is "KNOWN"
since theory of de Broglie (1924) and experimental proof of Davisson and
Germer (1927). (Still the molecules also do wave behavior!)
Now follows the big turning point and the fourth denial of the Higgs
boson's discovery. The 133 proton mass was detected never and not was
detected Higgs boson nor.
Supposedly in the LHC were detected four muons and two photons, that is
the Higgs boson not was detected. Nothing the proof that the four muons
and the two photons originate from the decay of the invented Higgs boson.
Masses of four muons and two photons are altogether 0.4 proton mass. Be
missing from the detector minimum 129.6 proton mass. Possible that the
Micky mouse look as cheese and eated it? :-)
What is the proof that the detected four muons and the two photons are
products from a decay? Nothing!!
The real mass of the decayed unknown elementary object is:
It is also probable that the two photons were emitted by one or two muons.
Since the mass is electromagnetic feature (see above), therefore don't
exist particles only do exist electromagnetic fields and atomic
structures of electromagnetic fields, for this reason the whole standard
particle model of the modern physics is an abstract and absurd humbug.
That reminds me about the Big Bang and the Black Hole! In the universe
observed biggest mass stars are the Carinae and the Pistol stars. Mass
of these are 100-150 times of the sun's mass. Supposedly the life time
of the Pistol star is 1-3 million years. Also supposedly after 1-3
millon years will be supernovae and at that time blows up. (I for that
reason use the "supposedly" word, because I don't know such
pseudo-scientist who titled oneself as astrophysicist and who already is
in life since 2-6 million years.) The supernovae explosions refute two
1./ The whole matter of this universe never was in one, because if the
mass of a star is 100-150 sun's mass, then the star blows up and its
matter asunders in 360^o x360^o . From this follows that larger mass
celestial body than the supernovaes never don't exist and never shall to
do exist.
2./ For the previous cause such black holes nor can to arise, which can
to strain galaxies on orbiting around the fictitious black hole.
The black holes were for that reason invented by the "scientists",
because the astronomers have seen two galaxies to orbit around the nihil
and they cannot otherwise to imagine this only with a central celestial
body between the two galaxies.
From the physics schoolbook of astronomers, astrophysicists and
physicists was left out a newtonian law. By the newtonian law if the
mass of two bodies is equal or nearly equal with one another, then one
body nor shall to orbit around the another, but both bodies shall to
orbit around the half distance which is between the two bodies and in
this case is between the two equal or nearly equal mass galaxies.
Gabor Fekete
If you think, then you are authorized to forward this email to your
colleagues too!

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