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[Fizinfo] SZTE TTIK Fizikus Tanszekcsoport szeminarium, marcius 31

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SZTE TTIK Fizikus Tanszékcsoport Szemináriuma

Eloadó: Dr. Deák András
Institute for Technical Physics and Materials Science
Centre for Energy Research
Hungarian Academy of Science
Budapest, Hungary

Cím: "Gold nanoparticles: optics and colloid chemistry"

Idopont: 2015. március 31, 12:30-13:30 h

Helyszín: SZTE TTIK, Budo Agoston tanterem, Szeged, Dom ter 9

In the talk I will give an overview about the topics pursued in our research group. We focus on the colloid chemistry and optics related aspects of systems composed of plasmonic nanoparticles and the utilization of the particles in optical and optoelectronic applications.

The topics highlighted in the talk:
o Optically trapped single gold nanoparticle used as a highly sensitive sound detector in aqueous medium.
o Fine control of colloidal forces between gold nanoparticles covered with a thermoresponsive polymer shell - clustering vs. aggregation.
o Gold nanorods covered with a thin mesoporous silica shell, where the shell can be used as an elastic nano-container to perform classical nanoparticle growth inside the shell.
o Examples how appropriate design of the gold nanoparticles can affect the charge-transfer state related polaron generation in a prototypical organic semiconductor blend (plasmonic organic solar cells).
o Plasmonic surfaces for advanced light management applications in solar cells and sensorics (Raman-spectroscopy).


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[2] Osváth, Z.; Deák, A.; Kertész, K.; Molnár, G.; Vértesy, G.; Zámbó, D.; Hwang, C.; Biró, L. P. The Structure and Properties of Graphene on Gold Nanoparticles. Nanoscale 2015, 7, 5503-5509.
[3] Gergely-Fülöp, E.; Nagy, N.; Deák, A. Reversible Shape Transition: Plasmonic Nanorods in Elastic Nanocontainers. Materials Chemistry and Physics 2013, 141, 343-347.
[4] Szabó, Z.; Volk, J.; Fülöp, E.; Deák, A.; Bársony, I. Regular ZnO Nanopillar Arrays by Nanosphere Photolithography. Photonics and Nanostructures - Fundamentals and Applications 2012.
[5] Ohlinger, A.; Deak, A.; Lutich, A.; Feldmann, J. Optically Trapped Gold Nanoparticle Enables Listening at the Microscale. Physical Review Letters 2012, 108.

Minden erdeklodot szeretettel varunk.

Dr. Csete Maria

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