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[Fizinfo] RMI Elméleti Osztály Szemináriuma

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  • Subject: [Fizinfo] RMI Elméleti Osztály Szemináriuma
  • Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2014 14:53:27 +0200

RMI Elméleti Osztály Szemináriuma
Tisztelettel meghívjuk

Anja Habersetzer

"Tau Vector and Axial Vector Spectral Functions in the Extended
Linear Sigma Model"

címmel tartandó szemináriumára.


The extended Linear Sigma Model (eLSM) describes scalar, pseudoscalar,
vector and axial-vector meson resonances, the glueball, and the
tetraquark, as well as baryons, on the basis of a Lagrangian that is
invariant under global chiral symmetry transformations and dilatation.
In addition, for N_F=2, we have now included the electroweak
interaction on the basis of a local SU(2)_L x U(1)_Y symmetry.
Thus we have all components available to compute the coherent amplitudes
that yield the vector and axial-vector spectral functions of the weak
tau-decay with intermediate a_1 and rho resonances. We
find that within the framework of the eLSM the assumption that the
rho and a_1 meson resonances are quarkonia and chiral
partners is valid. We will also see that the obtained weak spectral
functions give a nice illustration of Vector Meson Dominance in the weak
sector of meson vacuum phenomenology.

Helye: Wigner FK RMI III.ép. Tanácsterem
Ideje: 2014. október 14. kedd du. 14:00 óra

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Balog János

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