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fizinfo - [Fizinfo] MTA CSFK CSI rendkívüli szeminárium, 2013. június 10. (hétfő) 14:00

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[Fizinfo] MTA CSFK CSI rendkívüli szeminárium, 2013. június 10. (hétfő) 14:00

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  • From: Uhlár Karola <uhlar AT>
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  • Subject: [Fizinfo] MTA CSFK CSI rendkívüli szeminárium, 2013. június 10. (hétfő) 14:00
  • Date: Wed, 05 Jun 2013 13:04:33 +0200
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Előadó: *Željko Ivezić* (University of Washington, MTA CSFK)

Előadás címe: **LSST: a digital color movie of the Universe*
The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) will be a large (6.7m effective aperture), wide-field (9.6 sq.deg. field-of-view) ground-based system designed to obtain deep imaging data in six broad bands (ugrizy, 320-1050 nm). Each sky position will be observed multiple times, with several hundred observations per band collected over the main survey area (20,000 sq.deg. with equatorial declination<+34.5 deg) during the anticipated 10 years of operations. The current observing strategy calls for about 10,000 sq.deg. of sky to be covered using pairs of 15-second exposures in two photometric bands spaced by about an hour within a night, and every three nights on average, with 5-sigma depth for point sources of r~24.5. The measured properties of newly discovered and known astrometric and photometric transients will be publicly reported within 60 sec after closing the shutter. I will summarize the main LSST science drivers, and will illustrate them using ongoing work based on SDSS and other data.

Előadás időpontja: *2013. június 10. (hétfő), 14:00**
Előadás helyszíne: MTA CSFK CSI Előadóterme
1121 Budapest, Konkoly T. M. út 15-17.
fn:Karola Uhlar
org:Konkoly Observatory
adr:;;Konkoly Thege M. u. 13-17.;Budapest;;1121;Hungary
email;internet:uhlar AT

  • [Fizinfo] MTA CSFK CSI rendkívüli szeminárium, 2013. június 10. (hétfő) 14:00, Uhlár Karola, 06/05/2013

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