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  • Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 13:02:19 +0200 (CEST)
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Az RMKI Magfizikai Főosztályának anyagtudományi szemináriuma:

Prof. Eva Majková
(Institute of Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava)

"Correlation between structure and magnetic properties of CIMS pseudo spin

2007. június 27. (szerda), 14.00

Helyszín: KFKI RMKI,
III. épület, 2. emelet, tanácsterem
(1121 Bp. Konkoly Thege M. út 29-33.)


"The expanding field of spintronics calls for better understanding the correlations between microstructure including interface characteristics and magnetic properties of the multilayer stack in the nanoscale. The present work focuses on fabrication and characterization of pseudo spin valve structures important in future devices based on current switching magnetization phenomena. Special attention is directed to the characterization of interfaces and influence of Néel coupling.

The spin valve structures with Co/Au/Co active GMR region were prepared on Si substrate by UHV e-beam evaporation technique. For a comprehensive characterization of the multilayer stack the X-ray reflectivity and reciprocal space mapping were applied. By simulation of the experimental data the individual layer thickness, effective interface roughness, the geometrical interface roughness and its correlation properties parallel and perpendicular with respect to the interface were obtained. The study is completed by the inspection of the structure inside the layers using the X-ray diffraction. For simulation of the reciprocal space maps the DWBA approximation was used. Magnetization curves of prepared samples were measured by magneto-optical Kerr effect.

The effect of bottom Au electrode on the morphology of buried spin valve interfaces was shown from reciprocal space maps of diffusely scattered X-rays. The impact of interfaces morphology on the magnetic properties especially on the increase of spin valve coercivity was measured and simulated within the frame of Néel magnetostatic coupling model based on the parameters from the X-ray diffuse scattering data. The presented x-ray mapping of the reciprocal space of spin valve structures is a non destructive approach suitable for a rapid statistical characterization of the interlayer properties which is able to reveal the origin of the Neel magnetostatic coupling."

Minden érdeklődőt szeretettel várunk!

Deák László

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