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a BME Fizikai Intezet, Elmeleti Fizika Tanszek

Szabo Gabor
Notre Dame University
Hewlet-Packard Research Lab, Palo Alto

"The role of the social network in the spreading of mobile services"

While there is ample evidence that social and communication networks
play a key role during the spread of new ideas, products, or services,
network effects are expected to have diminished influence in the
stationary state, when all users are aware of the innovation, and its
usage pattern is determined mainly by its utility to the user. Here we
study four mobile phone-based services available to over six million
subscribers, allowing us to simultaneously monitor the communication
network between individuals and the time-resolved service usage
patterns. We find that usage highly correlates with the structure of
the communication network, and demonstrate the coexistence on the same
social network of two distinct usage classes, network effects being
responsible for the quantifiable differences between them. To test the
predictive power of our theory, we demonstrate that traditional
marketing techniques are ineffective in permanently boosting service
adoption, and propose a hub-based incentive mechanism that has the
potential to enhance usage for one of the two service classes.

Helye: BME Fizikai Intezet,
Elmeleti Fizika Tanszek
Budafoki ut 8.
F-epulet, III. lepcsohaz, mfszt. Szeminariumi szoba

Ideje: 2007. marcius 2. pentek, 10:15.

Minden erdeklodot szivesen latunk.

Varga Imre

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