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  • Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 10:16:21 +0200
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a BME Fizikai Intezet, Elmeleti Fizika Tanszek

Jens Paaske
The Niels Bohr Institute & The Nano-Science Centre,
Copenhagen, Denmark

"Non-equilibrium Singlet-Triplet Kondo Effect

Abstract: The Kondo effect has become a common signature in
of single-electron transistors such as GaAs quantum dots and
transistors. Whereas zero-bias conductance-anomalies are rather well
understood, it remains uncertain to what extent Kondo correlations
persist in
conductance-anomalies observed at finite bias-voltage. A finite
applied bias
may compensate the gap between singlet and triplet states in a doubly
occupied quantum dot and will thereby support inelastic spin-flips
and lead
to resonant exchange-tunnelling. However, the finite bias-voltage
leaves us
with a genuine non-equilibrium problem involving voltage-dependent
spin-polarization as well as strong decoherence effects. In this
talk, I
will present a perturbative renormalization group calculation for a

singlet-triplet Kondo effect induced by a finite bias voltage,
treating weak
Kondo-correlations alongside with these non-equilibrium effects. A

comparison to recent measurements on a single-walled Carbon nanotube
will be presented. [J. Paaske, A. Rosch, P. Woelfle,, N. Mason, C.
Marcus & J. Nygaard,, Nat. Phys. 2, 460 (2006)

Helye: BME Fizikai Intezet,
Elmeleti Fizika Tanszek
Budafoki ut 8.
F-epulet, III. lepcsohaz, mfszt. Szeminariumi szoba

Ideje: 2006. oktober 20. pentek, 10:15.

Minden erdeklodot szivesen latunk.

Varga Imre

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