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[Fizinfo] Csillagda szeminariuma

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  • Subject: [Fizinfo] Csillagda szeminariuma
  • Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 12:08:57 +0100 (MET)
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az MTA Konkoly Thege Miklós Csillagászati Kutatóintézete

Main Astronomical Observatory, Kiev, Ukraine

Cim:"Multi-Phase Chemo-Dynamical SPH modeling of galaxy formation
and evolution"

We present our recently developed 3-dimensional
chemodynamical code for galaxy evolution. It follows the
evolution of all components of a galaxy such as dark matter,
stars, molecular clouds and diffuse interstellar matter
(ISM). Dark matter and stars are treated as collisionless
N-body systems. The ISM is numerically described by a
smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) approach for the
diffuse (hot) gas and a sticky particle scheme for the
(cool) molecular clouds. Additionally, the galactic
components are coupled by several phase transitions like
star formation, stellar death or condensation and
evaporation processes within the ISM. As an example here we
present the dynamical, chemical and photometric evolution of
a star forming dwarf galaxy with a total baryonic mass of
2 x 10^9 Mo.

A szeminárium idõpontja: 2004. március 18. csütörtök, 14 óra

Helyszine: MTA Konkoly Thege Miklós Csillagászati Kutatóintézete
1121 Budapest Konkoly Thege M. ut 13-17.

Patkós László s.k.

  • [Fizinfo] Csillagda szeminariuma, Kalman Belane, 03/11/2004

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