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bnc-user - Budapest Neutron Center users mailing list

bnc-user AT

Subject: Budapest Neutron Center users mailing list

Description: The Budapest Neutron Centre (BNC) is a nuclear research reactor institute consortium. With its presently 18 experimental beam stations and worldwide open access user program it constitutes the largest research infrastructure of its kind in Central Europe.

This is the private electronic mailing list for professionals, who are in contact with the BNC as experimenters, users, students and collaborators.

The purpose of the list is to serve as information source and discussion forum on the events primarily organized by BNC, such as operation schedule, calls for experimental proposal and report deadlines, training courses, schools, scientific meetings and other calendar items. Access to the list is moderated. Your contributions from your registered email address are welcome at We sincerely hope the information to be distributed by the list interest you.

However, should you decide to sign off from the list, you can do it at any time by sending an email from your registered email address to
sympa AT with the subject line: unsubscribe bnc-user
upon which you get an email with instructions. Following a confirmation of authentication, your email address will be removed from the list.

New users can sign up at or simply by sending an email to sympa AT with the subject line: subscribe bnc-user
upon which you'll get an email from the list with instructions.

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