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Re: [Mix] ISIAME'16 - SEC meeting & FORUM session

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Dear MassimoThanks for handling this. I can't add more to what you have
done. I appreciate it very much and again my support is given to ISIAME
and Libor offcourse for 2020Frans

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Greetings Massimo,

Congratulations to all that were involved in assuring a successful
ISIAME 2016! It is encouraging to witness the sub-community
(Mössbauer-Industrial) within our greater Mössbauer community is well
and is setting priorities and plans for the future to enhance these
efforts. From your descriptions below, some good core values of the
Industrial Mössbauer community are understood and will be much more of
our focus in the future. Massimo, your leadership, especially with the
Forum, is much appreciated. The best to the organizers of ISIAME 2020,
as the Olomouc conference is planned, and provided oversight and advice
by the SEC.



> On Oct 2, 2016, at 5:23 AM, Massimo Carbucicchio
<massimo.carbucicchio AT>
> I
> Greetings Colleagues
> The Scientific Executive Committee meeting took place during the
ISIAME’16 conference on Monday 5th Sept. 2016, with the presence of
Massimo Carbucicchio (Chair), Erno Kuzmann, Frans Waanders and Libor
Machala. Krish Bharuth-Ram was invited to attend the meeting and it has
been proposed that he becomes an official member of SEC.
> It has been remarked that the Conference Organizers are bound to
follow the indications of SEC whose main duty is to determine where the
future ISIAME conferences are to be held, as well as avoid any
overlapping with other conferences, and supervise that the established
objectives are achieved. From this point of view, it has been remarked
that the International Advisory Board cannot be constituted by the IBAME
members which are elected by each Country where MS is used. The Board of
ISIAME is to be composed by researchers having strong contacts with
industry (in principle also members of SEC) or also that are come from
industry, and their important task is to orient the conference towards
the applications aspects, suggesting for example subjects, round tables,
invited talks.
> It has been decided to assign, according to the tradition of the
conferenccan attract an industrial involvement. Libor Machala has advanced a
proposal for organizing the meeting in Olomouc (Czeck Republic) and has
replied to all questions regarding the fees (which will be not too
high), the accommodations (including also hostels at low costs), the
industrial involvements, the preparation of the meeting with a large
> Having received assurances about the organizational aspects and
logistics of the conference, about the involvement of the industrial
world (also with the inclusion in the International Advisory Board of
some representatives), about the commitment to remain in close contact
with members of the SEC, the Commission, in absence of Libor, has
unanimously decided to award the next ISIAME'2020 to the Czech Republic
under the direction of Libor Machala.
> --
> On Thursday 8th September took place the FORUM concerning the future
of the Industrial Applications of the MS and the future of ISIAME.
Massimo Carbucicchio has been the session chairman and Frans Waanders
took notes during the meeting. The main contributions are summarized in
the following.
> The discussion focused on priority actions that should be undertaken
to increase the interest to the Industrial Applications of MS,
particularly with regard to the participation of young people and
representatives of the industrial world. A possible explanation for the
low attendance at the ISIAME’16 conference may be the large number of
conferences that were held in the short term, and therefore it was
suggested that it would be important to make agreements to have a
suitable spread of MS conferences. However, it was recalled that the
ISIAME is a conference linked to the industrial problems and so it is a
conference with a particular goal, and this can and must form its
strength. His role is in fact to be a bridge between Academia and
industry, and stimulate and facilitate contacts, exchanges of
information and experience.
> It was reported that German universities have a good collaboration
with industry. There is a great demand and university sites are helping
a lot to have collaborations, and the universities provide money to
attend conferences. From this point of view, the ads which make
available all information are very important. The industry needs
information, and if these are exhaustive and convincing, then the
industry finances the research. Even the type of journal is very
important. To attract industry attention, the publications should appear
on appropriate journals and not on Hyperfine Interactions which is not
read by the industry but by the scientific community, and perhaps it
would be appropriate follow-up Eng News.
> As for the next conference, it was reiterated that it is necessary to
organize the meeting in due time. Already two years before is necessary
to develop many contacts with potential supporters, define the structure
and organization of the conference, make available on the net all the
information, decide on the invited speakers. The conference must have
(i) a Local Commission, whose task is concerning the organizational part
and the local accommodation, (ii) the SEC whose main task is to monitor
the goals to be pursued and that there is no overlap with other
conferences, and (iii) the International Advisory Board which must
suggest ways of realization of the conference and indicate the invited
speakers associated with the industry, in order to attracting attention
of the industrial world and thus stimulate their participation.
> Particular attention should be paid to participation by young people.
In this regard there are different requirements: the career of young
people is linked mainly to their scientific publications and in
particular to publications in journals with high IF. But this is not an
exigency of the industries, rather they want to solve their specific
problems, do not need to publish in journals and indeed often do not
want to publish data that could be patented. It should be stresto them no
matter the detail and interpretation of data, but they care
to know what to do to solve their problem.
> Therefore they contact with a laboratory, pose the problem and expect
it will be resolved. It is then task of the involved researcher solve
the problem using the equipment that he has, involving colleagues with
different instrumentation, utilizing its skills or those of colleagues.
The obtained result will be able to show the potential of the MS and
therefore will be able to stimulate a future collaboration.
> From this point of view it would be useful a Center to which both the
Academy and industry can present a proposal. The whole Mössbauer
community could be involved with various research laboratories,
sophisticated instrumentations and several high-level skills. This
center would also be very inspiring for young people, and would run as
an interlocutor with the industry by allowing on the one hand a greater
openness of our community and on the other, a greater dissemination of
the potentialities of MS. It should be an open and transparent center
that manages and communicates the lab where the experience can be useful
to solve the problem that is placed. An example of the Center that I
have in mind is the center "nanoscience foundries & fine analysis"
(NFFA.EU), in which several laboratories across Europe are involved.
> For the future it was agreed that the involvement of young people must
be the main effort. To this end it is proposed to stimulate their
participation in the conference and compensate thus their need to
publish in journals with high IF, inviting them to submit, as invited,
an overview of their work. Considering the objection that young people
lack of the necessary experience, it has been proposed a 3-day meeting
for young scientists. They should send a proposal and a commission
decide on the presentations.
> The session has been closed with the handing over of the ISIAME logo
from Frans to Libor. Good luck
> Cheers
> Massimo
> --
> Prof. Dr. Massimo Carbucicchio
> Full Professor of Physics
> Physics Department - University of Parma
> <> Area delle Scienze 7/A - 43124 Parma, Italy
> e-mail:
> massimo.carbucicchio AT
<mailto:massimo.carbucicchio AT>
> National Institute of Optics, CNR
> Via Branze, 45 - 25123 Brescia, Italy
> e-mail:
> massimo.carbucicchio AT
<mailto:massimo.carbucicchio AT>


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