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mix - [Mix] Conference in Budapest in April 2016

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[Mix] Conference in Budapest in April 2016

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  • Subject: [Mix] Conference in Budapest in April 2016
  • Date: Wed, 03 Jun 2015 11:23:41 +0200

Dear Mössbauer Spectroscopist Colleauges,

I would like to call your attention to the conference /announcement/ below. It is a very importantsign of respect toward our community (and it is the initiative from the new Editor in Chiefof JRNC, Zsolt Révay)that in the program of a conference dealing with a very wide spectrum of radioanalytical and nuclear chemistry now Mossbauer Spectroscopy is also involved.

We are also interested to demonstrate where Mossbauer Spectroscopy can be usefully applied and serve research goals. (Here the focus is on chemical/analytical applications.)

For some more info please visit:**

It is expected that the Mossbauer Spectroscopysection (see topics below) will contain 1 invited and 3 regular oral presentations plus posters. In case of high number of applicants these numbers may be doubled.

So, please consider coming to Budapest next April if you have a chance.

With best regards:Zoltan Homonnay


/The Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry (JRNC) is pleased to invite you to the /

*/First International Conference on Radioanalytical and
Nuclear Chemistry (RANC-2016)/*

/to be held in Budapest, Hungary during
April 10–16, 2016./

/The JRNC has always published proceedings of conferences, and with many of them the collaboration goes back to several decades. At the same time we realized that the topics of these conferences do not always cover the entire scope of the JRNC. So we decided to launch a new conference series called “Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry (RANC)” to bring together our scientific community in the city where it all began and which is still its home. As in the case of other conferences, selected papers will be published in JRNC./

*/Please join us!/*

/Take the opportunity to get acquainted with colleagues – whom you have known so far only by name – in person. Enlighten yourself in other research fields. Enjoy everything this lovely city has to offer. Budapest has been the home of many great scientists like George (György) Hevesy and houses numerous laboratories in the area of radioanalytical and nuclear chemistry./

*/We look forward to meeting you in Budapest./*


*Conference topics*

*1. Analytical methods and detection techniques*

1.1 Activation analysis
1.2 Charged-particle-induced techniques
1.3 Alpha spectrometry
1.4 Cherenkov counting
1.5 Liquid scintillation
1.6 Gamma spectrometry
1.7 X-ray spectrometry
*1.8 Mössbauer spectrometry*
1.9 Mass spectrometry of radionuclides

*2. Environment*

2.1 Environmental radioactivity, radioecology
2.2 Sorption, radiocolloids
2.3 Migration of radionuclides
2.4 Environmental studies using nuclear methods
2.5 Nuclear forensics
2.6 Nuclear safeguards

*3. Effects of radiation, radiation chemistry*

3.1 Fundamental radiation chemistry
3.2 Radiation chemistry of solids, crystalline materials, thermoluminescence, implantation
3.3 Liquids, kinetics, chemical mechanisms
3.4 Polymerization and polymer radiation chemistry
3.5 Dosimetry of ionizing radiation
3.6 Food irradiation
3.7 Industrial applications

*4. Radiolabeled compounds and radiopharmaceuticals*

4.1 Labeled compounds
4.2 Therapy
4.3 Diagnostics
4.4 Quality control
4.5 Nuclear imaging of radio-tracers

*5. Actinide chemistry, super-heavy elements*

5.1 Thorium
5.2 Uranium
5.3 Plutonium
5.4 Minor actinides
5.5 Transactinides

*6. Nuclear industry*

6.1 Nuclear fuel cycle
6.2 Reprocessing
6.3 Waste management
6.4 Nuclear disposal
6.5 Transmutation and partitioning
6.6 Decontamination
6.7 Decommissioning
6.8 Remediation
6.9 Ore processing, leaching

*7. Separation, speciation*

7.1 Ion exchange chromatography
7.2 Gas chromatography
7.3 Liquid chromatography
7.5 Solvent extraction and extraction chromatography
7.6 Electrolysis, electrodeposition
7.8 Sorption and desorption
7.9 Other separation methods
7.10 Speciation analysis

*8. Radionuclides*

8.1 Production by accelerator
8.2 Production by neutrons
8.3 Application of radionuclides
8.4 Targets
8.5 Radioactive tracing
8.6 Radionuclide generator systems

*9. Instrumentation and methodology*

9.1 Radiation detection
9.2 Instrumentation
9.3 Methodology
9.4 Evaluation methods
9.5 Uncertainty calculation
9.6 Monte Carlo simulation


Prof. Zoltán Homonnay
Director of Institute of Chemistry
Faculty of Science
Eötvös Loránd University,
Pázmány P. s. 1/A
1117 Budapest, Hungary
tel: +36-1-372-2548, +36-1-3722500/1514

  • [Mix] Conference in Budapest in April 2016, Homonnay Zoltán, 06/03/2015

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