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mix - [Mix] A request to Mössbauer Community

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Subject: Discussion journal of the Mossbauer Community

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[Mix] A request to Mössbauer Community

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  • From: Marco Túlio Raposo <mtraposo AT>
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  • Subject: [Mix] A request to Mössbauer Community
  • Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2006 13:08:54 -0200
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Dear colleagues,

I am a physics universitary teacher working in a little university in
Brazil's inner countryside.

I have developed some research works on iron-cobalt based magnetic alloys (
references below), with the cooperation of Dr. A.I.C.Persiano and
Dr.J.D.Ardisson, researchers respectively from the Physics Department of UFMG
and Applied Physics Laboratory of CDTN-MG, both institutes located in Belo
Horizonte, MG, 200 km far away from the city where I am nowadays working.

Unfortunately my department has not yet the complete laboratorial condition
in order to perform experimental works on materials sciences and so I am
seeing myself in a vicious circle: I am not able to develop experimental
works in a continuous way, I can not to orient Master and Doctorate students
and so I have not a scientific production that permits me to compete for
financial support from governmental agencies. Well, for those reasons I am
requesting your help. I think that is possible to exist among the Mössbauer
community some laboratory that could to endow me a Mössbauer Spectrometer.
The technological advances certainly has produced some obsolete setup and I
will be glad to receive one in order to begin a Mossbauer Laboratory im my

Thanks in advance for your attention.

Marco Túlio Raposo

RAPOSO, M. T. ; ARDISSON, J. D. ; PERSIANO, A.I.C . Magnetic study of the
Fe-Co-Nb mu and Nbss phases. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials,
Amsterdam - Holland, v. 272-76, p. E1869-E1871, 2004.

RAPOSO, M. T. ; PERSIANO, A.I.C ; ARDISSON, J. D. . Structural and magnetic
characteristics of Fe 1-x Co x alloys containing 12.5 at % Nb. In: ICAME 2001
- International Conference on Applications of the Mössbauer Effect, 2002,
Oxford - UK. Hyperfine Interactions C. Amsterdam - Holland : Kluwer Academic
Publishers, 2001. v. 5. p. 559-562.

RAPOSO, M.T. Estudo do Diagrama Ternário FeCoNb a 800 : caracterização
estrutural e determinação das propriedades magnéticas das fases obtidas. Tese
de Doutorado. Departamento de Física da Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais,
Brasil, Agosto de 2002. ( - link: teses,
teses aprovadas na década de 2000)

RAPOSO, M. T. ; ARDISON, José Domingos ; PERSIANO, A.I.C . Magnetic and
structural characterization of the [Fe 1-x Co x]1-y Nb y system in the range
0<x<1, 0<y < 0.33.. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Amsterdam -
Holland, v. 226, p. 1116-1118, 2001.

RAPOSO, M. T. . Da importância das ligas à base de Fe-Co: algumas
considerações. Vertentes (São João Del-Rei), São João Del Rei - MG, v. 124,

RAPOSO, M. T. ; ARDISON, José Domingos ; PERSIANO, A.I.C ; MANSUR, R. A. .
Characterization of Phases in the Iron-Niobium System . Hyperfine
Interactions, Amsterdam - Holland, v. 83, p. 235-238, 1994.

Dr. Marco Túlio Raposo
Dep. Ciências Naturais
Universidade Federal de São João Del Rei
Praça D.Helvécio, 74 - Cx.Postal 110
36.301-160 - SÃO JOÃO DEL REI - MG

mtraposo AT

Fone: + 55 32 3371 2483
Fax: + 55 32 3379 2483

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