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[Fizinfo] ELTE Asztrofizika szeminárium

Chronological Thread 
  • From: Gábor Galgóczi <gaborgalgoczi AT>
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  • Subject: [Fizinfo] ELTE Asztrofizika szeminárium
  • Date: Mon, 1 Feb 2021 06:03:37 +0100
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Kedves Kollégák!

Szeretettel várunk minden érdeklődőt az ELTE Atomfizika Tanszékének EFOP
Asztrofizikai szemináriumára. A körülmények miatt online kerül
megrendezésre a szeminárium, melyen két előadás lesz hallható.

Időpont: 2021. Február 3, 13:00 óra

1. Előadó : Dr. Samuel Kovacik (Department of Theoretical Physics and
Astrophysics, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic)
Cím : Microscopic black holes and quantum structure of space
Absztrakt: It is generally believed that space has some kind of structure
that becomes manifest on the Planck scale. To fully understand it we need
to find the quantum theory of gravity – a task that we have so far failed
to achieve. However, there are some features of quantum space that we can
reasonably assume to exist. In this talk, we will discuss their consequence
on the behavior of microscopic black holes.

2. Előadó : Dr. Martin Topinka (Masaryk University)
Cím : JWST - yet a bigger time machine
The most beautiful and most detailed optical images of the Universe have
been obtained from the ageing Hubble Space Telescope (and ALMA). James Webb
Space Telescope, planned to be launched later this year will shift the
limits even beyond to the era of first galaxy assembling and maybe first
generation of stars. It has capability to see through the dust and observe
star and planet formation, it can search for markers of life on exoplanets
and many more including follow-up observations of kilonovae. I will
summarise the mission and bits from the core program and my own proposals.

A szeminárium Zoom linkje:

Meeting ID: 991 6369 1421
Passcode: 944210

Galgóczi Gábor (ELTE + KFKI) és Jakub Řípa (ELTE)

  • [Fizinfo] ELTE Asztrofizika szeminárium, Gábor Galgóczi, 02/01/2021

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