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fizinfo - [Fizinfo] Ferenc Igloi's talk at BME next Monday

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[Fizinfo] Ferenc Igloi's talk at BME next Monday

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  • From: Andras Palyi <palyi AT>
  • Subject: [Fizinfo] Ferenc Igloi's talk at BME next Monday
  • Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2019 19:21:56 +0100

Dear Colleagues,

The Exotic Quantum Phases seminar series at BME continues next Monday with
this talk:

Ferenc Igloi (MTA Wigner RCP)
“Quantum relaxation and metastability of lattice bosons with cavity-induced
long-range interactions”

Time: 14:15 on Monday (April 1, 2019)
Location: library of the theory department (BME Department of Theoretical
Physics, Budafoki ut 8., building F, stairway III.)

"The coupling of cold atoms to the radiation field within a high-finesse
optical resonator, an optical
cavity, induces long-range interactions which can compete with an underlying
optical lattice. The
interplay between short- and long-range interactions gives rise to new phases
of matter, including
supersolidity and density waves, and interesting quantum dynamics.

In this talk it is shown that for hard-core bosons in one dimension the
ground state phase diagram and
the quantum relaxation after sudden quenches can be calculated exactly in the
thermodynamic limit.
Remanent density-wave order is observed for quenches from a density-wave
ground state into the
superfluid phase below a dynamical transition line. After sufficiently strong
superfluid to density wave
quenches beyond a static metastability line density-wave order emerges on top
of remanent
superfluid order, giving rise to a dynamically generated supersolid state.
Our method to handle
infinite- and short-range interactions in the infinite system size limit
opens a way to solve exactly
other Hamiltonians with infinite- and short range interactions as well.

[1] B. Blass, H. Rieger, G. Roósz and F. Iglói, Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 095301
[2] F. Iglói, B. Blass, G. Roósz and H. Rieger, Phys. Rev. B 98, 184415

Best regards,
Andras Palyi

  • [Fizinfo] Ferenc Igloi's talk at BME next Monday, Andras Palyi, 03/28/2019

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