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ELTE TTK Fizikai Intézet

2018. szeptember 5.
szerda, 11.00

Ksenia Guseva

University of Oldenburg

"Colonization of moving marine aggregates by bacteria"

Marine environments are very heterogeneous and turbu-
lent on a small scale. In these highly dynamic condi-
tions one can find isolated islands of nutrients with
concentrated microbial activity. Marine aggregates
(a.k.a. marine snow) are one example of such hot spots
for microbial colonization. The local bacterial concen-
trations around and on marine snow particles exceed the
background concentration by several orders of magnitude.
Efficient motility and food detection is crucial for
survival of marine bacteria in a constantly changing en-
vironment. In this work we analyse how different types
of motility patterns of bacteria can influence the col-
onization of moving food particles in a flow field. To
this extent we develop an individual-based model, where
bacteria are described as active spheroid particles,
which swim along their principal axis while advected by
an externally imposed flow. In addition the swimming di-
rection is affected by the presence of nutrients, allow-
ing the swimmers to move along chemical gradients. With
this theoretical model we compare the efficiency of three
types of motility patterns adopted by bacteria on track-
ing a moving nutrient plume in different kinematic flow

1117, Budapest, Pázmány P. sétány 1/A, Északi tömb 2.54

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