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Előadó: Mousumi Upadhyay-Kahaly
Időpont: 2016. május 13. 9 óra
Helyszín: Szeged, Tisza Lajos krt. 85-87.

Cím: Probing the structure and dynamics of nanomaterials and molecules

Modern technology entails the manipulation of matter on ultrashort scales, and
measurement of the dynamic processes in ultrafast domain. Thus "ultrafast
science" impacts multiple areas of modern physics, chemistry, biology,
materials science, engineering etc. Formation and breaking of chemical bonds
occur in femtosecond time scale, and thus, elementary molecular processes can
be observed and utilised by freezing the transition states of chemical
processes at ultrashort time scale, even shorter than the vibrational and
rotational periods in matter. Along with the technological advances, ultrafast
lasers, such as in ELI-ALPS, are employed to probe the molecular systems, to
understand their time evolution and, to investigate intricate details of the
time-resolved behavior of matter.
However limitations in controlling the experimental parameters and data
processing requires theoretical tools to support and complement while probing
the evolution of the electronic structures post controlled excitation in the
time domain. In the presentation, we will discuss structure-function
relationships in materials using first principles quantum mechanical
calculations based on density functional theory and time dependent density
functional theory, touching upon different aspects of novel material
synthesis, energetics, lower dimensional systems, organometallic substances
etc. We will show how theoretical modeling can be efficiently used to explain/
predict the functionalities and material response of nanostructures, solids
and molecules, with specific focus on their physical properties under
interaction with electromagnetic fields and the dynamics associated with the
electronic motions of the structure.

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