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[Fizinfo] SZTE TTIK Fizikus Tanszekcsoport szeminarium, július 10

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SZTE TTIK Fizikus Tanszékcsoport Szemináriuma

Előadó: Professor Vasily N. Astratov,
Department of Physics and Optical Science
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Microspherical Photonics:
Optical Super-Resolution and Resonant Propulsion Effects

Időpont: 2015. július 10, 11 h

Helyszín: SZTE TTIK, Budó Ágoston tanterem, Szeged, Dóm tér 9

Emerging microspherical photonics is based on two recently observed effects in the optical properties of dielectric microspheres - super-resolution imaging and resonant propulsion. The physical mechanisms of optical super-resolution are debated in the literature and can involve excitation of plasmon resonances in nanostructured metallic objects coupled to microspherical dielectric antennas. We developed a methodology of experimental definition of super-resolution and demonstrated ~lambda/7 resolution of nanoplasmonic arrays [1]. We observed a resonant enhancement of the optical forces exerted on microspheres in evanescent fiber couplers. It is shown that the magnitude of the optical forces is determined by almost complete light momentum transfer to microspheres under resonance with their whispering gallery modes [2]. This can lead to sorting of spherical photonic atoms with identical resonant properties for a variety of applications [3].

[1] A. Darafsheh, N.I. Limberopoulos, J.S. Derov, D.E. Walker, Jr., and V.N. Astratov, APL 104, 061117 (2014)
[2] Y. Li, A.V. Maslov, N.I. Limberopoulos, A.M. Urbas, and V.N. Astratov, Laser & Phot. Rev. 9, 263 (2015).
[3] A.V. Maslov and V.N. Astratov, APL 105, 121113 (2014).

Minden erdeklődőt szeretettel várunk.

Dr. Csete Mária

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  • [Fizinfo] SZTE TTIK Fizikus Tanszekcsoport szeminarium, július 10, mcsete, 07/08/2015

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