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a BME Fizikai Intézete Elméleti Fizika Tanszékének


Péter Mati
Department of Theoretical Physics
Budapest University of Technology and Economics

"Non-perturbative methods in Quantum Field Theories"
PhD házi védés

The non-perturbative aspects of quantum field theories (QFT) seem to be
indispensable to understand the qualitative behaviour of strongly
interacting physical systems. In my thesis we are going to discuss two
different non-perturbative approach. One of them is the 2PI
(two-particle-irreducible) functional technique combined with the
Dyson-Schwinger equation. Essentially it is based on resumming a particular
class of Feynman-diagrams, in a well-controlled, systematic way. This is
going to be applied to the Bloch-Nordsieck model (at zero and finite
temperature) on which one can look at as the low energy limit of Quantum
Electrodynamics. The second is the exact (or functional) renormalisation
group approach (FRG). It uses the Wilsonaian-idea by integrating out the
rapid degrees of freedom, and hence providing an effective description of
the theory, which is quite useful in the investigation of the phase diagram
and of the critical behaviour of the system under consideration. We will
explore the fixed point structure of the O($N$) models in various

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Budafoki út 8. F-épület, III lépcsöház
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Ideje: 2015. április 10. péntek, 10:15.

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