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[Fizinfo] Meghivo: F.I.B.(Tito)Williams Szeminariumara

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  • Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2012 11:13:19 +0100 (CET)
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A BME Fizika Tanszek szeminariumara:

Prof. F.I.B. (Tito) Williams
(Wigner Research Centre, Budapest and SPEC, CEA-Saclay, France)

Experiments on electron dynamics at the graphene edge:
edge magneto-plasmons and emergence of Landau levels

Idopont: 2012 december 6, 11.00
Hely: BME, F. epulet, I. lepcsohaz, 1. emelet, Schay terem

Edge magneto-plasmon excitations are a dynamic manifestation of the
(quantum) Hall effect (QHE). Localised along the sample boundary, they
provide a means of probing the nature of the edge and the emergence of the Landau levels responsible for the QHE above the Fermi sea. We have done a
picosecond time of flight experiment to determine their propagation velocity from which it is possible to separate the Hall effect contribution from the drift velocity in the edge potential of quantum origin which lifts the QHE Landau level above the Fermi level. We show these edge excitations to be chiral, to have quantized propagation velocity and very low attenuation, all excellent attributes for chiral plasmonics.

"Electron drift velocity and edge magneto-plasmons", I.Petkovic,
F.I.B.Williams, K.Bennaceur, F.Portier, P.Roche and D.C.Glattli, to be
published in Phys. Rev. Lett. (2012).

Simon Ferenc

Prof. Ferenc SIMON (PhD, DSc)
egyetemi tanar (professor) @ BUTE
venia docendi (privatdozent) @ Uni Wien

skype: ferisimon

Department of Physics
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
H 1521 Budapest POBox 91 HUNGARY

ph. lab.1: (36-1) 463-1215
ph. lab.2: (36-1) 463-1948
ph. office: (36-1) 463-3816
ph. secr.(hung. only) : (36-1) 463-2312
fax: (36-1) 463-4180
mob.: 36-30-452-4705

  • [Fizinfo] Meghivo: F.I.B.(Tito)Williams Szeminariumara, SIMON Ferenc, 11/28/2012

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