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fizinfo - [Fizinfo] Prof. CheolGi KIM eloadasa, 2010 movember 25, 11 ora, MFA Tanacsterem

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[Fizinfo] Prof. CheolGi KIM eloadasa, 2010 movember 25, 11 ora, MFA Tanacsterem

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Tisztelet Kollegak,

A Kozos Koreai-Magyar Nanotudomanyok Laboratorium keretében 2010 november 25-en 11 oratol Prof. CheolGi KIM eloadast tart az MFA Tanacstermeben:

*Smart magnetophoresis for biomolecule translocation in 2-D bioassay platform*
S. AnandaKumar ^1, 2 , Sunjong Oh^1, 2 , CheolGi Kim^1, 2 ^
1 /School of Nano Science & Engineering, Chungnam National University, Daejeon 305-764, Korea/^
2 /Center for NanoBioEngineering & Spintronics, Chungnam National University, Daejeon 305-764, Korea/

Nanomagnetics are potential new era in Nano-biotechnology for not only in industrial applications especially related with information science and technology, but also in bioassays related with translocation of magnetic carriers for biomolecules analysis, biochip/sensors and for multiplexed bio-recognition channels/platforms. At present, a small number of groups in the worldwide have succeeded to enhance the sensor resolution to recognize biomolecules down to a few pairs of probe-target molecules.

In this talk, firstly, I would like to give an overview on the current status of magnetic bioassays, and our approach to enhance sensor resolution and method for biomolecular detection performed in on our Lab., such as high resolution spintronics sensor, magnetic nanoparticle labels/carriers, multi-segmented barcode nanowires etc. Secondly, I will focus on a novel smart magnetophoresis micro system for translocation of magnetic carriers, including the magnetic behavior of magnetic carrier at specific binding sites of the sensor surface on a single chip for 2-D bioassay applications. For the smart magnetophoresis we have used soft NiFe elliptical (9 ?m×4 ?m×0.1 ?m) elements as magnetic pathways (CNU-express pathways for biomolecules transportation). The lithographically patterned NiFe elliptical pathways can generate different stray magnetic fields when they are subjected to the external rotating magnetic field. The inhomogeneity in stray magnetic fields governs the magnetic carriers (beads/nanowires) motion in a controllable way on the CNU express pathways.

[1] S. Anandakumar et al., /J//. Appl. Phys., /(2009) 105, 07B312.
[2] S. Anandakumar et al., /Biosens. Bioelectron./ (2010), doi:10.1016/j.bios.2010.08.033
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  • [Fizinfo] Prof. CheolGi KIM eloadasa, 2010 movember 25, 11 ora, MFA Tanacsterem, Biro LP, 11/15/2010

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