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Termodinamikai Szakcsoport Szeminariuma

2008. oktober 1. szerda, 16h
Hely: ELTE, TTK, 3.92. terem

Natalya Kizilova
Department of Theoretical Mechanics, Kharkov University, Ukraine

Thermodynamics of biological systems and processes

Biothermodynamics is a promising interdisciplinary field of research
combining experimental methods and techniques, data recognition and
analysis, mathematical modeling and engineering applications on the
mass and heat production, conductivity and exchange in the biological
cells, tissues, organisms and colonies. Advances in microwave,
radio-frequency, infrared and laser technologies have given rise to
many new approaches to treatments of disease and injury that increase
the temperature of alive cells and tissues up to supra-physiologic
levels. That sort of treatment technologies are widely used in
cardiology, dermatology, neurosurgery, oncology, ophthalmology,
orthopedics, and urology. The influence of supra-physiologic
temperatures on cells and tissues are not clearly understood nowadays.
In depth investigation of the heat production in the biosystems, heat
transfer by the heat conductivity and with moving biofluids (blood,
lymph, interstitial liquid and others) and heat exchange with
environment will promote our better understanding of evolution and
function of the living organisms, improve the methods of cancer
treatment, laser surgery (for instance, revascularization of the
myocardium) and health care delivery. In the talk a brief
comprehensive survey of mathematical models of the heat and mass
transfer at the cellular, tissue, organ and body level will be
presented. Special attention will be paid to the thermodynamic models
of biological growth and morphogenesis, temperature and
thermoregulation, development and evolution.

1. Kizilova N. Thermodynamic model of heat and mass transfer and
motion of liquids in plant leaves. In: 2-nd International conference
"Physics of liquid matter: modern problems". - Kyiv. - 2003. - P.173.

2. Kizilova N. A thermodynamic model of the growing biomaterials as
viscoelastic solids with internal variables. In: Advanced Problems in
Mechanics. International Summer School-Conference. St-Petersburg,

3. Szekeres A., Kizilova N.N. Bio-Thermo-Hydro-Dynamics: Theory and
Applications. // Book of abstracts of the International
school-conference "Tarapov's readings". Kharkov. - 2008. – P.251-252.

4. Kizilova N. Common Constructal Principles in Design of
Transportation Networks in Plants and Animals. Shape and
Thermodynamics. A.Bejan, G.Grazzini (eds). 2007. p.45-53.

5. Kizilova N. Long-distance liquid transport in plants. Proc.Estonian
Acad,Sci. 2008. v.57,N3. p.179-203.

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