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[Fizinfo] EPS position paper: Energy for the future

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  • Subject: [Fizinfo] EPS position paper: Energy for the future
  • Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2008 12:16:27 +0200
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Tisztelt Fizinfo olvasok!

Az Europai Fizikai Tarsulat honlapjarol letoltheto az az un.
Position Paper (24 oldal), amely az ENERGY FOR THE FUTURE cimet viseli.

A dokumentum kozzetetelet kisero rovid sajtokozlemenyt az alabbiakben
batorkodom kozze tenni.

Benedict Mihaly

Press release of the European Physical Society (EPS)

Energy for the future - EPS Position Paper on the Nuclear Option

The European Physical Society (EPS) has just published a position paper on "ENERGY FOR
THE FUTURE - The Nuclear Option". EPS is a non-profit organisation representing over
100,000 physicists in Europe.

The Position Paper aims at a balanced presentation of the pros and cons of nuclear
power and at informing both decision makers and the general public by communicating
verifiable facts. Its motivation: Many European countries disregard the nuclear power
option in their long-term energy policy. However, climate change, the further increase
of energy demand due to the growing world's population, the strong economic growth of
Asian and Latin American countries, and the aspirations of developing countries for
reasonable standards of living - all point inescapably to the need for sustainable
energy sources. In this context the paper intends to contribute to a democratic debate
that acknowledges scientific and technical facts as well as people's proper concerns.
The EPS takes the position that nuclear power can make an important contribution to a
portfolio of sources that have low CO2 emissions: Today 435 nuclear power plants
produce 16 per cent of the world's and 31 per cent of Europe's electricity. If this
amount were to be produced by burning coal the worldwide emission of CO2 of about 28
billion tonnes would increase by about 10 per cent. In order to meet the growing
demand for electricity and avoid potentially disastrous climate changes, the choice is
not nuclear or renewable sources, but nuclear and renewable sources.

EPS is alarmed that the number of students in nuclear science is declining and the
number of knowledgeable people in this field is likewise decreasing. There is a clear
need for education in nuclear science and preservation of nuclear knowledge as well as
for long-term research into nuclear fission, methods of waste incineration,
transmutation and storage.

Europe needs to stay abreast of developments in reactor design independently of any
decision about their construction in Europe. This is essential if Europe is to be able
to follow programmes in rapidly developing countries like China and India, which are
committed to building nuclear power stations. Europe must continue to play an active
role in the IAEA.

ENERGY FOR THE FUTURE - The Nuclear Option can be downloaded at:


  • [Fizinfo] EPS position paper: Energy for the future, Mihaly Benedict, 06/17/2008

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