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[Fizinfo] Szen nanocsoves PhD helyek Olaszorszagban

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  • From: Akos Kukovecz <kakos AT>
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  • Subject: [Fizinfo] Szen nanocsoves PhD helyek Olaszorszagban
  • Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 18:37:47 +0200
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Tisztelt Kollégák!

Kaptam egy megkeresést Davide Riccitõl, aki 2 doktoranduszt keres Genovaba szén nanocsöves bevonatok ill. szén nanocsöves kompozitok terén végzendõ kutatásokra. Nekünk momentán nincs alkalmas jelöltünk, ezért a megkeresést továbbítom a listára. Mivel csak postás vagyok, ezért kérem, hogy kérdéseket ill. jelentkezéseket közvetlenül Dr. Riccinek küldjenek.

Kukovecz Akos

*************************eredeti megkereses szovege******************************

Dear Dr Kukovecz Akos ,

I am a staff scientist of the Italian Institute of Technology and I am contacting you with reference to your involvement in carbon nanotube research and related topics.

I would like to bring to your attention that in my research group are available two Ph.D. fellowships for research on carbon nanotube composites and on carbon nanotube coatings.

The deadline for applications is October the 1st, 2007. Please find more details at the end of the message.

I would be very grateful if you could inform of this opportunity M.Sc. students in your group (just graduated or graduating before the 9th of November 2007) or eventually contact colleagues that could be interested.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you need more information.

Best regards

Davide Ricci


Davide Ricci, Ph.D.

Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia

Via Morego 30

I-16163 Genova - Italy


Tel: +39 01071781457

Fax: +39 010720321


Fellowship themes:

Theme 5.6: Composite materials based on Carbon Nanotubes for robotics

Location: IIT’s Headquarters in Genova Morego (Italy) <>

Tutor: Dr. Davide Ricci

N. of available positions: 1

Admission forms: <>

The evolution of humanoid platforms designed to collaborate with humans will be from rigid toward soft components specifically addressing technologies of skeletal, actuation and sensorial components in an integrated way. Within this framework, a fundamental technological issue is the development of elastic actuators composed of fibers with mechanical properties similar to those of biological muscles. While the ultimate goal could be considered the development of organic muscles, the intermediate approach this Ph.D. project will follow is the development of more traditional actuators that take advantage of the properties of hybrid nanocomposite materials. The main issues to be addressed are: power/weight and power/volume performance, compliance and stiffness regulation, robustness, control behaviour. To this end, the Ph.D. research work will be devoted to the development of “soft” materials based on an appropriate blending of polymers and carbon nanotubes capable of actuation. Incorporation of other functionalities such as power storage, electron transport and force transfer within a single engineered structure will be also pursued.

The ideal candidate would have a background in one or more of the following fields: material science, sensor and actuators, micromechanics, nanotechnology.

For further details concerning the research project, please contact: <mailto:davide.ricci AT>davide.ricci AT


Theme 5.8 – The Neural Interface Problem: Enhanced in-vivo electrodes by nanomaterial coatings

Tutor: Dr. Davide Ricci.

Location: IIT’s Headquarters in Genova Morego (Italy) <>

N. of available positions: 1

Admission forms: <>

Within the Brain Machine Interface research project of IIT, that has the ultimate goal of extracting and decoding brain signals to drive artificial actuators, a key issue is the investigation on how such brain signals can be extracted from electrical recordings with the necessary temporal and spatial resolutions. Nanomaterial coatings, such as carbon nanotubes, both unmodified or bio-functionalized, offer the possibility to improve the recording properties of traditional metal electrodes. Through direct integration of nanomaterials in the electrode fabrication process, this Ph.D. research project will deal with the following tasks: (1) designing efficient, long-term recording microelectrodes; (2) investigating the possibility to record signals from the surface of the cortex; (3) investigating the problem of input impedance and making attempts to reduce it without loss in signal-to-noise ratio; (4) studying how to minimize tissue reactions, such as glyosis.

The ideal candidate would have a background in one or more of the following fields: material science, electrochemistry, micromechanics, nanotechnology, physics.

For further details concerning the research project, please contact: <mailto:davide.ricci AT>davide.ricci AT

Dr. Akos Kukovecz
Dept. of Applied and Environmental Chemistry, University of Szeged
H-6720 Szeged, Hungary
Tel: +36-62-544-620, Fax: +36-62-544-619, Email: kakos AT

  • [Fizinfo] Szen nanocsoves PhD helyek Olaszorszagban, Akos Kukovecz, 09/11/2007

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