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fizinfo - [Fizinfo] Max Berger eloadasa: SZTAKI, 2007.09.19

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[Fizinfo] Max Berger eloadasa: SZTAKI, 2007.09.19

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  • Subject: [Fizinfo] Max Berger eloadasa: SZTAKI, 2007.09.19
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Szeretettel meghívunk minden érdeklődőt, különösen a jelenlegi
és jövőbeni Grid-felhasználókat

Dr Maximilian Berger (RMKI)

"gLite Workflow Manager extensions for dynamic Grid applications"

című előadására, amely 2007. szeptember 19-én, 14:00-kor lesz a
SZTAKI előadótermében: 1132 Budapest, Victor Hugo utca 18-22,
31. terem.



The gLite Job submission system has several shortcomings when used for
real physics applications. We have researched some of these issues and
their potential solutions. The outcome is a workflow management tool
prototype (WMSX) which adds new functionality to the Grid such as:

- Management of Single Job Applications, with automatic retrieval of
results, and live tracing of a jobs output.

- Management of Parameter Study Applications where multiple Grid jobs
have to be run simultaneousely. Even though classified as "already
explored" by computer scientists, these types of jobs are highly
relevant for other scientists, and are still not well supported in
current Grid systems.

- Chained Grid Job Applications: While most Workflow management Systems
provide only support for DAG control flow, we provide support for full
computational logic in the control flow. One of the notable examples is
the "while" loop, which is needed for linear equation solving. However,
the proposed system is generic enough to allow for branching as well.

We will show the characteristics and sample applications for each
application class, and show how these can be handled by a workflow manager.

  • [Fizinfo] Max Berger eloadasa: SZTAKI, 2007.09.19, Dezso Horvath, RMKI, Budapest: +36 1 392-2755, 09/10/2007

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