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a BME Tartószerkezetek Mechanikája Tanszék és

a BME Műszaki Mechanikai Tanszék

által közösen szervezett Mechanika szeminárium következő előadására

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Manfred Hiller
(Chair of Mechatronics, Faculty of Engineering Sciences, University of Duisburg-Essen)

Multibody System Dynamics and Mechatronics

2006. október 4. szerda, 14:15 óra

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Az előadás helye:

BME Műszaki Mechanikai Tanszék

MM/MG épület, könyvtár

Az előadás tartalma:

Mechatronics as an interdisciplinary combination of domains of mechanical engineering,
electrical engineering and computer science became popular in industry and universities
since the eighties of the last century, and is meanwhile fully established in many areas.
The main focus of the mechatronic approach is to extend and to complete mechanical (or
other technical) systems by incorporating sensors and controllers - which includes also
the required information processing - and thus being able to generate partly intelligent
products. The components and modules of such systems originate from mechanical engineering,
from electrical engineering or other technical domains. Methods for describing and
combining these components and modules are based in the fields of applied mechanics,
system theory, control and automation theory, or information processing. In particular,
in mechatronic systems like robots, manipulation systems, machine tools, or all kinds
of vehicles, the multibody system approach offers a powerful tool to model the mechanical
properties of the system in a suitable manner. At the Chair of Mechatronics at the
University of Duisburg-Essen, research, development and education is dedicated to three
main fields in mechatronics:
- Basic research, mainly related to the development of algorithms and software for
modelling and simulation of multibody and mechatronic systems;
- Applications in the field of automotive systems in close collaboration with
- Applications in the field of non-classical robotics like mobile robots, heavy
manipulation systems, or parallel kinematic structures.

In this presentation, research and applications in this area will be demonstrated
by selected examples from robotics and vehicle dynamics.

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