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[Fizinfo] EPS-12 (Budapest, Second Announcement and Call for Abstract)

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  • Subject: [Fizinfo] EPS-12 (Budapest, Second Announcement and Call for Abstract)
  • Date: Fri Feb 15 07:37:00 2002
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Dear Colleague,

the Organising Committee of the

12th General Conference of the European Physical Society,
EPS-12: Trends in Physics
Budapest, Hungary (26-30 August 2002)

would like to call your attention to this event and invites you to visit
the renewed web site of the conference at

This mail and EPS-12 web site, recently renewed, represent the Second
Announcement of the meeting. No printed version of the Second
Announcement will follow. We apologise if you receive this mail more
once. Further mails will be sent to registered participants only.


The first meeting of this triennial series in the new Millennium will
bring together scientists and teachers from different fields of physics
from Europe and around the world.

The conference venue will be the Physics Building of the Eotvos
situated along the banks of the Danube river at one of the most
picturesque parts of the Hungarian capital.

In the rest of this mail the most important information of the Second
Announcement is briefly summarized. The web pages contain additional
information, therefore please make sure to visit them.


The programme of EPS-12 will follow the traditional scheme of the series
consisting of plenary talks, parallel symposia and posters. Speakers of
the plenary talks have been invited by the International Programme
Committee and the list of confirmed Plenary Speakers is available at the
conference web site. Speakers of the parallel symposia have been or are
being invited by the Conveners; the programme of the symposia will be
regularly updated at the conference web site.

Confirmed Plenary Lectures, as of 11 February 2002:

Alferov, Zhores I.,
A.F. Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute St. Petersburg:
Semiconductor Heterostructures: State-of-Art and Future Trends

Barabaschi, Pietro,
ITER Garching JWS:
ITER: Realizing the Promise of Fusion Energy

Capasso, Federico,
Semiconductor Physics Research Department, Bell Laboratories Murray
Where Quantum Electrodynamics and Micromechanics meet:
Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) based on Casimir-Lifschitz forces

Close, Frank,
University of Oxford:
A picture of the week is worth a thousand words

Dietl, Tomasz,
Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw,
Semiconductor Spintronics

Economou, Eleftherios N.,
ITE, Heraklion, Crete:
Photonic Crystals

Hau, Lene,
Harvard University:
Slow Light

Joshi, Chandrashekhar,
UCLA Los Angeles:
Ultrahigh Energy Density Science with Relativistic Electron Beams

Morán-López, José Luis,
Instituto Potosinode Investigación Científica y Tecnológica A.C.:
Is Physics the Privilege of Developed Countries?

Nifenecker, Hervé,
INS Grenoble:
How much could nuclear power contribute to the mitigation of CO2

Rikken, Geert,
Grenoble High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Max-Planck-Institut für
New effects of symmetry-breaking in magnetic fields

Schäfer, Gerhard,
University of Jena:
Recent Progress and Future Developments in Gravitational Physics

Solomon, Sorin,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem:
Percolation and Social Models

Stachel, Johanna,
University of Heidelberg:
Deconfined Nuclear Matter, What Have we Learnt from the SPS?

Tisza, László,
MIT Cambridge:
Eugen Wigner Memorial Lecture: Remembering Eugene Wigner, Pondering his

Treille, Daniel,
What Have We Learnt with the LEP Machine?

Veltman, Martinus J.G.,
University of Michigan, NIKHEF:
The Higgs particle: facts and speculation

Vicsek, Tamás,
Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest:
Crowd Control

Wolfendale, Arnold,
University of Durham:
The Origin of Cosmic Rays

Zeilinger, Anton,
Universität Wien:
Quantum Computation, Teleportation

Parallel Symposia:

Approaching the Dripline for Unstable Nuclei
Convener: Jonson, B., Chalmers University, Göteborg

Computational Physics: Interdisciplinary Applications
Convener: Borcherds, P.H., University of Birmingham

Convener: Kleyn, A., University of Leyden

European Research Infrastructure (Neutron and Photon Sources, Low-Energy
Ion Accelerators)
Convener: Petroff, Y., Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

High-Energy Accelerators and the Future of High-Energy Physics
Convener: Wagner, A., DESY

Convener: Pavesi, L. Universita' di Trento

Physics for Development
Convener: Woeste, L., Freie Universität, Berlin

Physics in Biology
Convener: Ormos, P., Research Center for Biology, HAS, Szeged

Physics in Space
Conveners: Huber, M., ESA, Kuijpers, J., University of Nijmegen and
Swings, J.P., Université de Liege

Physics of Conjugated Polymers and their Applications
Convener: Salaneck, W. R., IFM Linköping University

Quantum and Quantum-Optics Devices
Conveners: Leuchs, G., Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg and Raimond, J.-M.,
Universite Pierre et Marie Curie

Quantum Gases
Conveners: Hinds, E. A., University of Sussex and Mason, N. J.,
University College London

Eurotron conference, round-table discussion

It is envisaged that most plenary events of EPS-12 will be in real time
web-casted on the Internet with some possibility of feed-back from the
'virtual audience'. One of the highlights of this action will be the
Table Discussion on the future and the social role of science,
physics. Participants of the Round Table Discussion will be
scientists as well as leading European science policy makers. We expect
lively interaction between participants of the Round Table and the
audience. The Round Table will take place on Tuesday, 27 August in the


Abstracts for poster presentation can be submitted through the
registration and abstract submission pages of the web site

from 1 March to 5 April 2002.

High-level abstracts will be accepted from all fields of physics or
physics teaching up to one abstract per registered participant.


EPS-12 and ICPS 2002, the 17th International Conference of Physics
Students, are being organised in a close collaboration between the
organising bodies of both conferences. Indeed, IAPS, the International
Association of Physics Students is organising its annual conference,
2002 at the same venue from 21 to 27 August. The first two days of
26 and 27 August represent a full overlap between the two events with
joint programme on those two days.

The successful tradition of the Young Physicists' Poster Competition and
the Young Physicists' Day will be continued, this latter plenary session
taking place on Tuesday, 27 August in the morning, i.e., as part of both


A reception, an excursion and other events will be organised for
participants as part of the social events of EPS-12. For accompanying
persons a programme of activities will be also offered.


The registration fee, if paid

before 14 July,
will be
260 Euros for EPS National Society Members
130 Euros for students.

For further special and/or late registration fees please visit the
conference web site.

Prospective young participants, younger than 35 years of age at the time
of the conference may apply for grants, which could be used towards the
registration fee, and/or hotel accommodation and/or travel costs,
on the available level of individual supports. For details on these
conditions please consult the respective links at the EPS-12 home page.
The Organising Committee of EPS-12 will decide on the grants. Preference
will be given to those participants who make poster presentation on the
joint day of EPS-12 and ICPS 2002 and intend to take part in the Young
Physicists' Poster Competition.

Request for financial support can be submitted to the Organizing
when filling in the final registration form, but not later than 5 April

The applicant must provide a supporting letter from the Head of the
Department where his/her work has been carried out. This letter is to be
sent by surface mail or fax to the EPS-12 Conference Secretariat until 5
April 2002.


New information will be posted on the conference web site

Please check this site regularly. Beginning on

1 March 2002,

it will also be used for online registration, hotel reservation and
abstract submission.

The next important deadline will be

5 April 2002,

which is the deadline for

- abstract submission
- young participants' grant application.

The deadline for normal registration will be

14 July 2002.

The Conference Secretariat

Diamond Congress Ltd. - EPS-12
H-1255 Budapest, P.O.Box 48, Hungary

is responsible for handling the abstract submission, registration, hotel
reservation, social programme reservation and can be contacted at

Phone: +36 1 214 7701
Fax: +36 1 201 2608
diamond AT
Web site:

The organisers of EPS-12 are much looking forward to see a high number
physicists, physics teachers, physics students and all people interested
and engaged in physics at EPS-12 in Budapest.

Please share this information with your colleagues and students who may
not have received this mail directly.

Yours sincerely,

Denes L. Nagy
EPS-12 International Organising Committee

  • [Fizinfo] EPS-12 (Budapest, Second Announcement and Call for Abstract), Varga Attila, 02/14/2002

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