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[Fizinfo] A nemzetkozi Ortvay-verseny angol nyelvu felhivasa

Chronological Thread 
  • From: David Gyula <dgy AT>
  • Cc: dgy AT
  • Subject: [Fizinfo] A nemzetkozi Ortvay-verseny angol nyelvu felhivasa
  • Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2000 18:56:23 +0200
  • List-id: ELFT HRAD <>


Tisztelt fizikus kollegak, oktatok es hallgatok!

Mint korabbi levelemben mar jeleztem, az ELTE TTK Fizikus Diakkore,
az Eotvos Lorand Fizikai Tarsulat es a Magyar Fizikus Hallgatok Egyesulete
2000-ben is meghirdeti a hagyomanyos, immar 31-ik


A verseny 2000. november 10-tol november 20-ig tart.

Az Ortvay verseny a korabbi tapogatozasok es ket evi sikeres proba utan
iden is teljes mertekben

lesz. Ez azt jelenti, hogy barmely orszag barmely egyetemenek fizikaval
foglalkozo hallgatoi egyenlo esellyel indulhatnak - mar persze ha
megoldjak a kituzott feladatokat.

Es persze ha tudomast szereznek a rendezvenyrol! Ezert kerek mindenkit,
hogy kulfoldi egyetemi ismerosei koreben terjessze a mellekelt angol
nyelvu versenykiirast. A szoveg LaTeX-ben irodott, kozvetlenul kinyomtathato,
es plakatkent is funkcionalhat. Kerjuk, juttassak el a levelet minel tobb
orszag minel tobb egyetemere, es kerjek meg ottani levelezopartneruket,
tegye ott kozhirre.

Formalis szervezokre odakinn nem nagyon lesz szukseg, a versenyfeladatokat
november 10-en penteken 12 oratol (Kozep-Europai ido) mindenki letoltheti
a verseny weblapjarol (figyelem! uj cim!):

Ha egy-egy egyetemen nagy az erdeklodes, sok a versenyzo, celszeru a
megoldasokat osszegyujtve postazni. Persze lehet egyenileg is faxolni vagy
e-mailben elkuldeni a TeX-ben, LaTeX-ben vagy postcriptben irt megoldasokat.

A versennyel kapcsolatos barmilyen kerdessel a
dgy AT
lehet fordulni.

Jo versenyzest kivanok minden resztvevonek, es sok resztvevot a harmadik
nemzetkozi Ortvay-versenynek. Elore is koszonom mindazok faradozasat,
akik a jelen level terjesztesevel ehhez hozzajarulnak.

A verseny szervezoi neveben
David Gyula
Fizikus Diakkor

Ime az angol nyelvu, LaTeX formatumu felhivas:


\newcommand\rightcenter[1]{\rightline{\hbox to 250pt {\hfill #1\hfill}}}

Please post


The Physics Students' Association of E\"otv\"os University (Budapest,
the Roland E\"otv\"os Physical Society and the
Hungarian Association of Physics Students proudly announces the traditional,
---and for the third time \textit{international}---\\
\textbf{\large Rudolf Ortvay Problem Solving Contest in Physics,} \\
{\textbf{from November 10, 2000 through November 20, 2000.}}
More details, rules of contest, and other information can be read on the
webpage of the Ortvay Contest:
\textit{Attention! This is a new address. Previous URL used for the
former contest is not valid.}

The Ortvay Contest is an old tradition at E\"otv\"os University. Many former
contestants have become famous scientists and university professors, and they
had showed their first marks of genius fighting with Ortvay-problems some
years ago.

For the first ---hopefully not last--- time, the contest was announced
internationally in 1998, giving a good occasion for students of different
universities and countries to cross their swords of knowledge, ingenuity,
problem-solving skills and physical insight into problems that are far beyond
routine-level. Although prizes are given only to individual participants,
such an extensive contest also means a rivalry among the universities guiding
the intellectual development of the contestants.

After the successful initiation we wish to announce our contest regularly
as an international competition in physics.

The problems of the contest come from different branches of theoretical
physics as well as applicational fields of physics. 30--35 problems are
assigned each year. These are of different levels of difficulty, and every
contestants can find problems appropriate to their university level. Each
contestants can send solutions for 10 problems.

The assigned problems do not focus on school-level problem-solving routine
but rather on the skills of physical way of thinking, recognition of the
heart of the problem, and the appropriate choice in the mathematical armory.
The majority of the assigned problems are original, only few have been
published in problem-books.

Any kind of reference may be consulted; textbooks and articles of journals
can be cited.

The problems can be downloaded from the webpage of the Ortvay contest
(\texttt{}) in Hungarian and English
languages, in HTML, \LaTeX{} and postscript formats from 12 o'clock
(Central European Time), i.e.\ 11:00 GMT, Friday, November 10, 2000.
On preliminary requests sent to
\texttt{dgy AT},

the problems will be sent via email, too.

If an institute were to be represented by several contestants, the
voluntary application of a teacher or a student for being a local organizer
would be most welcome before November 5 at the above address. Her/His task
would be to advertise the contest well in advance, as well as to copy the
problems sent before noon on the 10th, and to distribute them at 12 o'clock
CET (11:00 GMT). On November 20 he/she is asked to collect the solutions of
the students of the institute and to post them to the referees.
\textbf{Deadline} for sending the solutions:
12 o'clock (CET), i.e.\ 11:00 GMT, November 20, 2000.
Solutions can be sent by mail, fax, or email to the address given on the

The contest will be evaluated separately for each university year, according
to the total number of points. The referees reserve the right to withhold
or to share some prizes. Beyond the money prizes given for the first,
second, and third places, honourable mentions and special prizes for the
oustanding solutions of individual problems can be awarded. This is why it
is worthwhile sending even one or two solutions.

Ths traditional sponsors of the contest are the Students' Foundation of the
Faculty of Sciences of E\"otv\"os University, and the Roland E\"otv\"os
Physical Society. Their help is highly acknowledged.

The announcement of the results will take place on 7 December. The detailed
result will be available on the webpage of the contest thereafter. Diplomas
and money prizes will be sent by mail.

\emph{You are kindly asked to distribute the above information in your
institute. Please prepare a placard, put the info to the webpages,
newsgroups and mailing lists frequented by the physically-inclined students.
It would be a great pleasure to have many participants of many countries
in the third international Ortvay contest.}

Wishing a successful contest to all our participants,
on behalf of the organizing committee,

\rightcenter{Gyula D\'AVID}
\rightcenter{Physcics Students' Association of E\"otv\"os University}
\rightcenter{\texttt{dgy AT}}


  • [Fizinfo] A nemzetkozi Ortvay-verseny angol nyelvu felhivasa, David Gyula, 10/28/2000

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