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  • Subject: [Fizinfo] Res2000 second circular
  • Date: Thu, 11 May 2000 09:06:46 +0200

International Workshop on
Resonances in Few-Body Systems
4-8 September 2000, Sarospatak Hungary

Second Announcement

General Information

The Institute of Nuclear Research (ATOMKI) and the Centre for Workshops
in Theoretical Physics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences will
organize a workshop on resonance phenomena in few-body systems.
The workshop will be held 4-8 September 2000 in Sarospatak, Tokaj region,

In this circular we intend to provide some additional information
for the potential participants on the workshop to help their
decision on final registration.

Scientific Program

The motivation behind organizing this meeting is to provide a
forum devoted to specific problems of resonant states. The description
of these quantum mechanical objects often requires a combination of
bound state and scattering state methods and the physical and
mathematical problems arising in this combined approach are to be
discussed at the workshop. The notion of few-body systems in our
understanding includes not only the conventional 2,3,..-body quantum
mechanical problems but also certain phenomena in more complicated
systems, where the number of dynamically relevant degrees of freedom
can be kept sufficiently low. Thus we plan to cover the
following main topics:

- resonances in few-nucleon systems;
- unbound states in nuclei;
- autoionizing states in atoms and molecules;
- resonances in exotic systems;
- quark structure of baryonic resonances.

Here is the preliminary list of talks and speakers.

D.Abramov,St.Petersburg Numerical investigation of muonic molecular
ions $x\mu^{3,4}\mbox{He}$ ($x=p,d,t$)
in the adiabatic hyperspherical approach
Y.Akaishi,Tokyo Nuclear systems with strangeness
S.Aoyama,Kitami Many-body resonances in light unstable nuclei
V.Balashov,Moscow Autoionization resonances in few-electron
R.Barrachina,S.C. de Bariloche Zero-energy resonances and cusp formation
effects in break-up collisions
Gy.Bencze,Budapest not yet specified
C.P.Bernal,Huelva not yet specified
I.M.Bravo,Huelva A simple description of beta delayed proton
emission from 31Arva
N.Carjan,Bordeaux Time-dependent approach to the decay of narrow
unbound states in spherical and deformed
R.Ceuleneer,Mons Relativistic RGM calculations
A.Csoto,Budapest Few-body resonances in light nuclei
B.Danilin,Moscow Three-body resonances in Borromean halo nuclei
F.Fernandez,Salamanca Quark structure of baryionic resonances: the
physics of the Roper resonance
V.Gusev,Protvino Numerical investigation of muonic molecular
$x\mu^{3,4}\mbox{He}$ ($x=p,d,t$) in the
adiabatic hyperspherical approach"
Y.K.Ho,Taiwan Doubly excited resonance states of
atomic systems in external fields.
J.Horacek,Prague Resonance processes in electron molecule
E.Hernandez,Mexico Doublets of Resonances and Accidental
K.Ikeda,Riken Study of resonant states in halo nuclei
M.K.Inal,Tlemcen Effect of 1s3l3l'resonances on the orientation
of the 1s2s ^3S_1level of He-like Fe ions
collisionally excited by polarized ens
S.Kadmensky,Voronezh The open fermi-systems theory and clusters in
unbound nuclear states
N.Kalantar-Nayestanaki,KVI Probing few-body systems with bremsstrahlung
O.Kartavtsev,Dubna Excited resonant states of the halo nucleus
${^6 \rm He}$ and hypernucleus ${^7
\rm He}$
G.Kashenock,St.Petersgburg Resonances in photodetachment from the light
negative ions within the many-body theory
K.Kato,Sapporo Structure of continuum states in neutron-drip-
line nuclei
M.Kimura,Riken Resonance state in positron-polyatomic
V.Kolybasov,Moscow Peculiarities of the coalescence mechanism for
nearthreshold production of broad resonances
V.I.Kukulin,Moscow What is dibaryon:a real resonance or fantom?
Y.Lashko,Kiev Soft dipole mode in the light neutron-rich
W.Ma,Beijing,China Structure of Baryon Resonances, N*
J.Macek,Oakridge Resonances in atoms, molecules, and nuclei:Why
are they so interesting?
L.Majling,Prague Decay properties of 1p-shell hypernuclei
A.Matveenko,Dubna Critical Rotational Three-Body States
A.Mondragon,Mexico Accidental degeneracy of resonances: Jordan
canonical forms and Jordan-Gamow
S.Moszkowski,UCLA,Usa Not yet specified
A.Motovilov,Dubna Structure of three-body T-matrix and
matrix in unphysical energy sheets
L.Nagy,Cluj Napoca Excitation to autoionizing states of atoms and
Y.Nogami,Hamilton,Canada Interpretation of the Gamow wave function
S.Oryu,Tokyo Three-body Faddeev calculation of ^9Be hyper
nucleus in an alpha-alpha-Lambda system and
G.Pisent,Padua Compound and Quasi--compound Resonances in the
Scattering Process of Neutrons and Protons by
the C12 Nucleus,
W.Plessas,Graz Description of Baryon Resonances in
Quark Models
S.Potashev,Moscow Observation of low mass dibaryons decaying by
electromagnetic way.
V.Romanov,Kiev Description of d-d scattering with possible
break up of one of the deuterons.
M.Selg,Tartu,Estonia Exact Energy Profiles of the Resonances and
the Phase Shifts for the One-Dimensional
Potentials with Pronounced Humps
I.Shimamura,Riken Resonances in three-body Coulomb systems or
Resonances in simple molecules
R.Skodje,Colorado Not yet specified
F.Stancu,Brussels Properties of ordinary and exotic hadrons
Y.Suzuki,Niigata Not yet specified
Y.Uzikov,Dubna $pd\to ^3He\eta$ reaction and possible
quasibound $\eta-^3He$ state
C.Whelan,Cambridge Double Excitation Processes in Atomic
H.Witala,Cracow Resonances in three neutron system
T.Yamazaki,Tokyo Exotic atoms and nuclei as resonance states
B.Zakhariev,Dubna Peculiarities of resonances in multichannel

Final registration

You will find a registration form at the end of this circular and at
the web page:

If you want to participate, you are requested to fill and return it to the
organizing committee before 15 June, by e-mail
(res2000 AT
or directly from the web page.


The registration fee, which covers accommodation and full board for 5 days,
coffee, refreshments and participation in social events are:

US$ 400 in single room accomodation
US$ 350 in double room accomodation
US$ 300 for accompanying family members

Bank transfer payment before June 30 entitles you to get US$ 50 reduction
from the amounts given above. In this case the corresponding amount has to
reach the bank account of the Institute of Nuclear Research

account number: 10300002-34601596-00003285
bank: Hungarian Foreign Trade Bank Ltd., Debrecen, Var utca 6/c

On site payment is accepted in Hungarian forints (the present exchange rate
appr. 280 HUF = 1 US$). Major credit cards (VISA, EC-MC, etc.) can be used to
get Hungarian forints from ATM's all over the country, including Sarospatak.

The European Physical Society has included our workshop in the list of
sponsored meetings. This fact entitles our participants from the
former Eastern Bloc countries to apply to the East West Task Force of
the EPS for financial support. Details of the application procedure
can be found at

The organizing committee has a certain amount of money for supporting
participation and we are still expecting some more. Unfortunately it will not
be enough to offer support for travel expenses. Participants wishing to get
support for their local expenses should indicate it in the registration
form in the "remarks" section. After collecting all requests and funds,
the organizing committee will inform the applicants of the allotted support
not later than 30 June.

Miscellaneous information

The scientific sessions will start on Monday, 4 September in the morning
and will end on Friday, 8 September at noon. The time allocated to a talk
is 30 minutes, including discussion. We plan to publish a proceedings volume.
The details for contributors will be specified later.

The hotel reservation is valid from Sunday afternoon (September 3).
The planned social events are: a welcome party on Sunday, 3 September,
in the evening, a conference dinner on Thursday, 7 September and a boat
excursion to Tokaj on Wednesday afternoon.

Detailed travel information on the possibilities to reach Sarospatak
will be given in a 3rd circular. The official carrier of the event
is MALEV Hungarian Airlines. Please check at your local MALEV agency
a discount price.

The confirmed sponsors of the conference are: European Physical Society,
Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Centre for Workshops in Theoretical Physics,
Hungarian Oil Company (MOL) and The Hungarian Airlines (MALEV).

We hope you will be able to attend the workshop and contribute to its success.

The Organizing Committee

mail: Institute of Nuclear Research, Debrecen, Pf.51, Hungary H-4001
fax: + 36 52 416181


Registration Form

All delegates are asked to fill in this form and email it to
res2000 AT

If possible please use the web page
for registration.

First name:

Last name:










I would like to present a talk. Yes/No

Title of presentation:

I plan to bring family members: Yes/No

Number of accompanying persons:

I prefer a single room: Yes/No


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