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[Fizinfo] Professor Timothy Williamson at CEU

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  • Subject: [Fizinfo] Professor Timothy Williamson at CEU
  • Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2000 16:02:12 +0100

Dear All,

The CEU Philosophy Doctoral Support Program cordially invites you to a
seminar and lecture by Professor Timothy Williamson.
We are extremely happy that Professor Williamson has accepted our invitation
and would be glad if all interested people could attend his talk.
Time: Tuesday, 29 February 11.00-12.40 (lecture) and 14.30-16.10 (seminar)
Place: Central European University, 9. Nador str. Faculty Tower, room 609.

The title is "A Priori Knowledge, Content Externalism and
Deductive Closure".

According to externalism, the content of our beliefs and other
propositional attitudes depends constitutively on the external
environment. That raises the possibility that by knowing what we
think we can gain substantive knowledge of the environment, where
this knowledge would be a priori in the sense of being non-
observational. It has been argued that would be a reductio ad
absurdum of content externalism, since we cannot have substantive a
priori knowledge of the environment. The talk will call such
arguments into question. In general, it is not clear that such
knowledge cannot be a priori in the relevant sense. In particular,
the argument in question assumes that one's a priori knowledge is
closed under one's deductions; this assumption is more problematic
than it sounds.

Please send me an e-mail whether you are interested in and would be able to

Thank you.
Kriszta Biber, Program Coordinator

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