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  • Subject: [Fizinfo] TUDOMANYFILOZOFIA SZEMINARIUM, F a r k a s K.
  • Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 02:44:34 +0100

ELTE TTK Tudomanytortenet es Tudomanyfilozofia Tanszek
Budapest, Pazmany P. setany 1/A

Januar 31
6. em. 6.54

F a r k a s K a t a l i n
Eotvos, Department of Philosophy


I think that understanding free will raises a serious problem, and I
must admit I have no solution for it. As a matter of fact, nor I have
anything particularly novel or original to say about free will. I intend
this talk merely as a starting point for discussion (and accordingly, I
hope to keep it reasonably short).
The problem, in my view, is this: we have free will, but as I shall
argue briefly, compatibilist theories of free will - that is, theories
which claim that free will and determinism are compatible - are
unsatisfactory. This leaves libertarianism: the view that we have free
will, and it is incompatible with determinism, therefore determinism
must be false.
However, the main difficulty has been to understand HOW libertarianism
could make the phenomenon of free will intelligible. If we claim - what
is only natural - that our beliefs and desires cause our actions, then
psychological determinism seems to offer the best interpretation of our
ordinary decision-making procedures. The only alternative to
deterministic explanation seems to be explanation by randomness or
chance - which is hardly what we expect to account for free choice. I
shall present a little idea which might point towards a solution - but
then again, just like a fair number of proposed solutions, it may
easily prove to be a simple relabelling of the problem.

Ha mindenki beszel magyarul, akkor az eloadas magyarul lesz!

A szeminarium szervezoje: E. Szabo Laszlo
Laszlo E. Szabo
Department of Theoretical Physics
Department of History and Philosophy of Science
Eotvos University, Budapest
H-1518 Budapest, Pf. 32.
Phone: (36-1)2090-555/6671
Fax: (36-1)372-2509
Home: (36-1)200-7318

  • [Fizinfo] TUDOMANYFILOZOFIA SZEMINARIUM, F a r k a s K., László E . Szabó, 01/25/2000

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