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announce-ibame - [announce-ibame] Reminder: Call for subscibing to the MIX (Mössbauer Information eXchange) mailing list

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[announce-ibame] Reminder: Call for subscibing to the MIX (Mössbauer Information eXchange) mailing list

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  • From: Nagy Dénes Lajos <nagy.denes AT>
  • To: announce-ibame AT
  • Subject: [announce-ibame] Reminder: Call for subscibing to the MIX (Mössbauer Information eXchange) mailing list
  • Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2017 21:08:18 +0200

Dear Colleague,


with this mail we would like to draw your attention to




a world-wide mailing list of Mössbauer spectroscopists recognized by IBAME, the International Board on the Applications of the Mössbauer Effect.


Please do not reply to this mail. We apologize, should you not be a Mössbauer spectroscopist or related to the applications of the Mössbauer effect in some other way. In this case please click on the link below and simply send us the mail popping up. We will remove your address from our announcement list. Also do so if this mail has reached you at an alternative (e.g. obsolete but still operational) address that you would no longer like to use. We apologize if, for that reason, you have received this mail more than once.


Please remove my address from this announcement list.


Should you already be subscribed to the MIX-Bulletin (even if with another address of you), please let us know this fact by clicking on the link below and sending us the mail that will pop up. Then we will keep your address in the IBAME announcement list for potential further actions, however, you will not receive any further reminder to subscribe to MIX.


I am already subscribed to the MIX mailing list


The mailing list MIX-Bulletin (or simply MIX) dates back to 1992. Presently it links more than 220 Mössbauer spectroscopists worldwide and hosts announcements on job openings, conferences, workshops, etc. but also discussions within the international Mössbauer community. The public MIX archive contains all issues of the MIX-Bulletin since 2006.


MIX is a free and voluntary service of the Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary. It is part of the emerging Mössbauer Effect Knowledge Center, a project of the Mössbauer Effect Data Center, Dalian, China. MIX is an unmoderated and closed mailing list, i.e. only list members from their registered address may post to the list, however, their contribution will appear without any delay automatically.


In the Constitution of IBAME it has been envisaged to establish in the near future the International Union of Mössbauer Spectroscopists, an association of all active Mössbauer spectroscopists. At this stage, the lively communication within the international Mössbauer community needs to be especially strengthened. We invite all active Mössbauer spectroscopists worldwide to subscribe to MIX and to use it for disseminating their news and views.


To subscribe to MIX, please visit the


MIX management page,


click on Subscribe and follow the instructions. Please make sure to not only submit your email address but also to check your mailbox for the automatic return mail that you will need for confirming your address and for setting your password for accessing your personal profile later. You may wish to consult the User Guide and the FAQ page of the list server hosting MIX for further details.


Please disseminate the idea of joining MIX among your colleagues and students who may not have received this announcement. We are looking forward to welcoming you among the MIX subscribers.




Michael Reissner, Chair, IBAME

Dénes Lajos Nagy, Editor, MIX

  • [announce-ibame] Reminder: Call for subscibing to the MIX (Mössbauer Information eXchange) mailing list, Nagy Dénes Lajos, 08/05/2017

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